Please share the last APK with 1minute poll frequency


Please can someone share the last APK file that has 1 minute poll frequency?
Or please tell me the version I will find it myself somewhere maybe.

ne can request a 1 minute frequency from Android. But the highest frequency android will actually give you is once per 15 minutes: the thing with the 15 minute poll frequency is not a defect of K9, but a energy saving measure by Google.

IMAP supports a continuous connection instead, though, of your server supports it.

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It worked fine for me until I had updated the app few days ago. It’s not Android, not in my case at least.
So could you please help with the question of the subject?

I have an old smartphone with old OS. 1 minute poll worked perfect. And it was my huge mistake to update K9 client. Now I want to revert that back.

See How to downgrade to an earlier version?