Option to switch back to the old UI?


Just updated to 5.800
However, is there anyway to switch back to the old UI ?
I want to see how many starred and unread messages for each account.



See: https://forum.k9mail.app/t/how-to-downgrade-to-an-earlier-version/1432


Thanks, however I don’t like downgrading. I’m hoping the latest version can support the classic UI.


I believe you can see the number of unread messages per account in the drawer overview (I only have one account setup currently).

Maybe the number of starred messages (I don’t use those ) could be added to the same list?

In general it’s usually not feasible for an app to maintain two different UIs, so usually finding a way to make things work within the bounds of the new UI is best for everyone. (maintainers and users.)

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I’ve just UPGRADED my version by exporting settings, removing version 5.8, suppressing play store auto update and installing version 5.6 as per link above.
Everything back as it used to be.


Thanks! Until this unnecessary interface mess is resolved I desperately need to go back to an older version. I need it for my work and the current interface is practically useless. As a matter of fact it’s too bad there is no other solution (commercial or otherwise) , I would happily pay for a decent email work horse that handles 20+ accounts with hundreds of mails per day as fast and clear as K-9 Mail use to do until recently.

Enfin, as it turns out older apk’s won’t install on my ZFold2, no matter what I try (deinstall first, play protect off, permissions set, reboot, etc). Anybody has tips how to install a working earlier version?


This new ui is an utter mess! Glad to see other’s agree. K-9, allow us the updated with the old ui please. To poster above, Aptoide has previous versions but who knows what’s been modified in the apk. They say verified but I’ve had Russians take over my Deezer account after downloading from there.

The official K-9 github has old releases too.

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I appreciate the input, didn’t know that avenue. As with any old version, there are missing security and bug updates though and we as users shouldn’t be forced a crap ui with the other necessary updates.

Not to rant too much, I can’t even send an email in this new app anymore. Working fine yesterday now I get authentication error though nothing changed with the server. I’m just going to leave. K-9, y’all messed up big.

What server / mail provider are you using? Might be that it changed to different authentication schema which IMO also wasn’t supported by 5.600


In the meantime I think Gmail requires OAuth2