OpenKeychain and saving drafts in K-9 Mail does not work

Device: Samsung Galaxy A53
OS: Android 13 / OneUI 5.0
K-9 Mail: 6.400
OpenKeychain: 5.7.5 (57500)

K-9 Mail and OpenKeychain are exempted from Battery Optimization and are not in Standby or Deep Standby.

I have read New install, cannot send, cannot connect to encryption service? - #2 by kjo and How do I make K-9 Mail work with OpenKeychain on Xiaomi's MIUI?.

I activated OpenPGP support in K-9 Mail with standard settings for my one and only E-Mail Account.

After composing a draft (only a few letters, no E-Mail address or subject entered) and hitting save I get an error message “Verbindung zum Verschlüsselungsdienst fehlgeschlagen…” (see also screenshot).

This error is reproducible. On Android 12 the error seemed to come up only in case K-9 Mail was opened via the share menu from Android or when an E-Mail Address was clicked on a website in Firefox for Android. On Android 13 the error is always triggered when saving a draft.

I can decrypt messages without an issue, the general setup seems to be OK.

Any help to solve the issue or confirmation of the issue is highly appreciated.

Thank you!


You should be able to work around this bug by adding a recipient. You can remove that recipient again before saving the message as a draft.

We’ll hopefully get around to fixing this bug for the next major version.

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If you choose an identity for your mail adresse it can save drafts under the key for your identity.