New install, cannot send, cannot connect to encryption service?

After a new install (ver 5.600 on android 10 / lineageOS) and with all previous email settings reloaded, I cannot send email anymore. The German error message is “Verbindung zu Verschlüsselungsdienst fehlgeschlagen” (failed to connect to encryption service).

  • I do not want to use encryption because I do not want to store my keys on the mobile device.
  • I do not have open keychain installed
  • I do not find the option “disable encryption”
    The lock on the top-right of a new message is red and the errormessage is also shown when I tip the lock.
    I am surprised that I find nothing on google or this forum. Am I the only one?

Help appreciated. Karl

no replies here, so I re-installed and did not use my saved config. Everything works since then.

same here on samsung Galaxy S20.
I noticed it works when reselecting the account you send from.
But this issue is new since the update of K9

This is most likely because your Android version believes you’re not using the OpenKeychain app and it “suspends” the app. Try following the advice appropriate for your device here:

See also: How do I make K-9 Mail work with OpenKeychain on Xiaomi's MIUI?