On Redmi Note 8 I can't get any notification

Good Morning,

I tried to implement the different solutions, but I still can’t solve the problem of notifications.

any suggestion?

@satsriakal: Unfortunately, your post doesn’t contain a lot of information to go on. Which K-9 Mail version are you using? How did you configure your app? What do you expect to happen and what are you seeing instead?

Have you checked out the post linked below?

Hi cketti, @satsriakal,

The post you are referencing was my original post, when I was having issues receiving any notifications for messages. It was mainly Android 10 issues, as after the mysterious and undocumented Google ‘Duraspeed’ was added to the Android menu, notifications started to work.

As for the current issue, I was using version 5.714 K-9 app. It’s just that after I read or archive a message, the notification stays in the notification menu on Android 10 instead of being cleared. Note: I just updated to 5.718 that was released on 9/12/20, and will respond to see if that fixes the issue after using it for a few days.

The app is configured to stock settings. As for the notifications menu, Quiet Time is unselected, Show ‘Delete’ button as never, and Lock Screen Notifications as Unread message count. Nothing else is listed under this menu.

Other than that, things are working well.

Thank you,

@wagnerEA Please don’t post in unrelated topics. Create a new topic instead.

Hi cketti,

First, sorry if this is coming across as miscommunication, but it is the same issue, yet the opposite of what was originally occurring. Your colleague also cross-referenced my original post, so I do not think I have incorrectly reported this topic.

Secondly, after a few days of using K-9, I am having the exact same issue on an Android 6 Samsung Galaxy J3. So, it is not only specific to Android 10.

I appreciate the work you folks are doing for email on Android, and hope this information can be useful to your programming and consumers.

Thank you.