OAuth2 authentication

The new K9mail is great and not as tired as the old version.

Is it possible to include an OAuth2 authentication option when setting the Authentication in Incoming server settings? I have a Gmail account that prefers this setting and I believe that Yahoo mail does too. I currently have to set my Gmail account to Less secure app access which is not ideal, to get Gmail to work. I believe OAuth2 is now the de facto industry standard for online authorization and would sit well with the new version of K2mail.


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Some people have tried to work on OAuth2 but it is quite a big change so hasn’t been properly implemented yet. Basically just waiting on a developer willing to dedicate the time to continue the implementation

Latest work on OAuth2: Add oauth2 support for gmail and outlook by Monkey-Matt · Pull Request #5385 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

Thanks MonkeyMat for your reply. My wife uses a Yahoo email address among others and had to move to the Gmail app because the Yahoo address was unusable on K9mail. An upgrade to OAuth2 would be most welcome.

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All the OAUTH2 sites that I’m aware of, including gmail, hotmail and yahoo, have an app-specific password option for mail clients that don’t have support for OAUTH2. In some cases, e.g., google workspace (which is a for-fee service), the administrator can require OAUTH2, but that’s somewhat of a special case. I think there are items in this forum giving instructions for at least those three providers.

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It’s true that you should still be able to use a yahoo account with k9 mail, just a few extra steps involved in setting it up

Thank you both for your replies, most appreciated.

The University of Wisconsin is now requiring Oauth2 after October 2021. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to find a new Android Email Client.
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!

Same here - would love to keep using K9 but this unfortunately makes it impossible now.