Not showing message content

Hi there,

K9 does not show the content of the mails on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro for a few das now.
I can’t find any setting that could be changed to solve this.
I only see the name of the sender.

Any ideas?


Just a thought: have you tried enabling ‘Dark theme’ on your device (Settings | display). Possible that the message text is being displayed ‘white text on white background’?

No, just using the non-dark-mode

I have the same problem. I had not updated k9mail in long time; I updated it some days ago, and now I do not see message content. I have used the function “edit message as new” : then I can see the message content , this means that k9mail does download the message content, but cannot render it properly, I tried deinstalling and reinstalling, did not solve the problem. I am using a Samsung cell , model sm-a570, android version 10. This is a real pity, I really like k9mail, but now it is unusable. Thanks for any help. a.

This was already asked and solved before, please use the search function. See No text displaying

It’s just as simple as that…
A restart solved it.

Yesterday I realized that many apps were misbehaving, I deleted some apps to recover space, I restarted, it works. Thanks