No text displaying

When I receive messages the text in the message does not show, I’m sure it used to. If I select ‘download complete message’ or ‘show pictures’ I still get no text. I do see the name of the sender & my e-mail address with the title of the message at the top of the screen. Is there a setting I should change to show the whole message.

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I can’t see any text in the messages either. Reinstallation has not hepled

Is this an issue on:

  • some messages
  • all messages
  • messages from specific senders?

What is your K-9 message theme set to?

  • light
  • dark
  • system (if so, what is that set to)?

If you initiate a forward, can you see the original message’s text in the composer view?

What version of K-9 are you using?

[Please always include the K-9 version when reporting issues.]

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njeyaakili, thanks for your reply.
The issue is with all messages.
Theme is light.
If I try forward I can’t see the original message text.
How do I find the K-9 version?

When I installed K-9 originally I think I just accepted default settings & didn’t try to customise it.

stu, have you found an answer to this problem yet?

@Nigh, no soory I haven’nt. I am using a different email client at the moment
@ Njeyaakili: all messages – light – didn’t try – newest version

My mail text has started showing again after about 3 months with no text. I have not changed any settings, no updates that I am aware of, it just came back.

I guess I spoke too soon. The mail was displaying OK for a few days, now it’s gone again.

I have this problem too, the message body is not shown, buttons for attachments are. Also, the button ‘download full message’ does not show the message text. But the first lines are shown in the messages list just fine.

I experience this issue since some weeks out of nowhere with the old version 5.008 on Android 8.0.0 (Samsung Galaxy S7). Then I updated k9 to version 5.6 and then 5.733 which did not fix this. Switching between light and dark mode does not fix it either.
It seems that it might be system related. I am using k9 from the store.

Thanks for any advice on how to debug/fix this!

This may just be a coincidence but, I had a problem with my phone not connecting with my car hands free. I realised that the phone Bluetooth kept turning off & searched for a fix. The fix involved going into Bluetooth settings & clearing the cache then rebooting the phone. My mail message text now appears in full when I open the message.

I had this problem, too, 2 months ago. Digging around, I found it might have to do with “Webview”. Updating Webview, followed by switching my device off/on actually did the trick.

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By the way, the problem returned today and I solved it in the same way.