Not Sending Emails from Cellphone

Unable to send email from Cellphone out.
Issue first noticed approximately 5 days ago (could be longer). Worked previously.
Using the same email accounts I can send emails from my computer and they are received.
I send emails from my phone and they are not received but appear in the sent folders.
I am able to send emails from my cell to other emails in the same domain/host (one account on phone to 2nd account on phone/pc or account on phone to 3rd account on pc.

Not sure if this is an Email Client, Android, Phone,or Host issue.

K9 Ver 5.806
One UI: 1.1
Android 9
Galaxy S8 Active
Email Host: Hostmonster

i sent email from my smartphone and work well

I have been using K9 for many years and it had worked “well” on my smartphone up until recently. I am now trying to figure out why it worked “well” last week but not this week.

i sent email from k9-mail one hour ago from xiaomi Mi11 llite “gmail to gmail”

@Lionheartsails – Did you upgrade recently, if so do you remember when and from what version of K9?

If a message shows in your “sent mail” folder it has been accepted by your configured outgoing mail server (which you indicate is hostmonster). If that server subsequently rejects the message for some reason it should notify you.

From previous discussion:

it appears that hostmonster will accept mail from a client and then dump it, but never inform the authenticated user/sender of this action. The current version of K9 uses a setting on the EHLO that hostmonster seemingly doesn’t like. It should reject the mail at that point but instead accepts the message (hence it showing in your “sent mail”) and then dumps it later. While one might argue that K9’s EHLO is the problem, there is no guarantee that any message sent through hostmonster will subsequently be delivered (or rejected back to you).

The old version of K9 did something different on the EHLO so some poeple are reverting to that, or you can use a different mail client. In the end however you can never know whether a provider that takes the hostmonster approach has bothered to deliver your mail or not.

I can send the same message to the same addresses from my cellphone using FairMail and my computer running Thunderbird (Linux) and they are revived by the recipient.
Never received a Mailer Daemon or any other rejection notice.
Currently running K9 Version 5.806
I will check out the other Discussion and look into the EHLO

Yes, this week. Since Hostmonster doesn’t bother to inform you that it is tossing your messages the next message that contains something they don’t like, is from an IPnumber that they find suspect or … may not be delivered. You’ll only find out when your correspondent doesn’t respond.

If I found that my mail service provider was doing that I’d find an alternate very quickly.

I find it hard to believe it is a Hostmonster issue when it only happens from K9.
I have multiple email addresses. I have tried sending from 4 different accounts to 3 different, non related (non-hostmonster) accounts and only the ones from K9 fail to be delivered.
I can send the same emails using FairMail on the same device, and have no issues. I also have no issues sending from a linux machine.
Based on the above, it appears it is a K9 issue

You are right in the sense that K9 is doing something which Hostmonster is not happy about.

But the practice by Hostmonster to silently drop an email after they have accepted it is just plain wrong. So regardless if the immediate problem is solved by K9 changing in some way or by you switching email client, I would not trust Hostmonster anymore if I were you.

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Did you ever get this resolved by Hostmonster?
Did you drop K-9 mail? I’m in the same exact boat. Today, Hostmonster rep said their engineering people are working on this issue.
Outgoing Email thru hostmonster accepted but they are not delivered. K9 mail thru gmail servers are delivered. This is definitely a HOSTMONSTER ISSUE. I was deflated when I read your post. This tells me it is still happening since at least Oct. 2021.
Hostmonster has an issue or problem with K9 mail.

I gave up and switched to Open Mail, which I believe was an early offshoot of K9.
It has not been updated since 2018 but it work for what I need.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I’ll look at open mail. I never had issues with the old K-9 app.

You still have the chance to use the old K-9 app version:

I did downgrade to an earlier version but got tired of have to skip K9 when updating my other apps and decided it was just easier to switch to Open Mail and haven’t missed K9 since.