New release: K-9 Mail 6.201

Changes in this version:

  • Added support for using OAuth 2.0 with Office365 accounts
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to two message lists being displayed on top of each other
  • Avoid a crash when trying to create new message notifications but the notification sound couldn’t be accessed
  • Fixed a bug where multi-select mode was exited early in some cases
  • Don’t require re-authorization when getting an OAuth token fails due to a temporary error
  • Updated translations

The update should be available on Google Play right now and will be available on F-Droid soon.
The APK is available on GitHub: Release K-9 Mail v6.201 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

For instructions on how to set up your Office365 or Google Workspace account, see:

K-9 Mail development is funded by user donations. If you want to see the app improved, please consider donating: K-9 Mail | Give to Thunderbird