New release: K-9 Mail 6.200

Changes in this version:

  • Added support for using OAuth 2.0 with Google, Yahoo, AOL, and personal Microsoft accounts (Office365 accounts are not supported yet)
  • Added “Unsubscribe” action that is displayed in the menu when viewing a message that contains an Unsubscribe header
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated translations

The APK is available on GitHub: Release K-9 Mail v6.200 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub
We’re doing a staged rollout on Goolge Play right now.
The new version should be available on F-Droid soon.

To get your Gmail account working again in K-9 Mail, see How do I update an existing Gmail account to use OAuth 2.0?

K-9 Mail development is funded by user donations. If you want to see the app improved, please consider donating: K-9 Mail | Give to Thunderbird


I get version 6.101 from F-Droid, with a changelog that is partially overlapping the one above. Is this intended?

The uneven numbers are the beta releases. Thus, the even numbered releases contain most/all of the changes of the previous uneven ones.


Just tried 6.200 with a new Google account. It was extremely easy! Congratulations.

This totally slipped under my radar. I’m so happy K9 is improving this quickly! Missing Oauth 2 was a big pain point for me.

Make sure that you update to 6.201 if you have Office365 Exchange server. I found that 6.200 didn’t work for me but the minor update did.

How do I sign in to a corporate gmail account?
The login process on k9 only presents the option to use google oauth if the email address ends with @gmail or @google

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Thanks a ton. This worked.
I am now able to use my @google email address too.