New release: K-9 Mail 5.805

K-9 Mail 5.804 was available to beta testers for a while. During the beta period a bug has been found and was fixed in K-9 Mail 5.805. Now this version is available to all users.

Changes in 5.804:

  • Fixed a bug where Push didn’t work with some servers
  • Don’t connect to the incoming or outgoing server when passwords haven’t been provided after import
  • Added missing scrollbars in screens showing the folder list
  • Tapping the app icon should now always bring the app to the foreground instead of adding another message list screen
  • Updated translations

Changes in 5.805:

  • Fixed the check for missing incoming/outgoing server credentials (introduced in K-9 Mail 5.804)
  • Changed the ‘save attachment’ icon (apparently floppy disks are no longer a thing)

The new version is available on Google Play right now and should be available on F-Droid soon. The APK can be downloaded here: K-9 Mail 5.805.

Please note that K-9 Mail is looking for funding. Currently 1,209 patrons are funding the project. You can join them by donating here.


Can you change it to something that isn’t already used for something else? I keep hitting the “download” icon and then it asks me where I want to save it.

I get the “no-one uses floppy disks any more” argument but no-one suggests what we should use instead of this standard universally recognised icon.

Whats wrong with the new icon: arrow down?
Or is your argument that it is already downloaded and only needs to be saved?

I think it is a perfect icon to use - but what would be your proposal?

The icon is a download icon, as in download/ask me what to do/open the file… Clicking it I would usually expect something to ask me whether to save it or not. It’s just the association, click download to open/download an object. Saving is not downloading/opening.

The fact it already has a meaning other than “save” means it cannot possibly be " the perfect icon to use". The Perfect icon would be the already standard save icon. I guess if you really have to change it it should represent the medium to which it is being saved as the argument for removing it is that the medium that it is being saved to is not a floppy disk. Therefore a picture of a NAND flash chip would be the logical replacement.

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I get your point. So for me it is a perfect icon - which is not necessarily to be for others.

My point was that younger people do no longer know a floppy disk so I proposed to change it - and I proposed an arrow down - in another thread.

We can only propose, developers need to decide.

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The issue (and I speak here in general terms about this icon, not specifically about K-9) isn’t so much that the save icon is unknown to young people. How many of them know what a NAND flash chip looks like? The fact it is not known doesn’t mean it isn’t the most suitable icon. I haven’t seen anyone suggest a reasonable alternative anywhere and I think the reason for changing it is flawed from the outset.

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Just for completeness: here the thread where I proposed a new icon:

[SOLVED] How to open/save an image attachment?

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Even in there they call it the download icon, so yeah, it isn’t a save icon!

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