New message swipe conflicts with Pixel previous screen functionality

The latest K-9 app does not have next and previous arrows. These were replaced with the swipe left and right gestures. Unfortunately, my Pixel 7 Pro uses left and right swipe to go back to the previous screen, replacing the arrow back buttons. If I flick the message just right with K-9 I can make it go to the next message, but often the Pixel gesture works instead and it takes me back to the message list which was the previous screen.

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I’ve brought up the same issue in August 2021.

Here’s @cketti’s reply:

edit/ Correction: A similar issue wrt swipe gestures.

The system gestures only trigger if you start the swipe at the edge of the screen. To be able to move between messages in K-9 Mail, simply start the swipe gesture further away from the edge of the screen.

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