K-9 Mail is back (5.800 release)

Yep, communication is not a one-way thing, adressing changes must be able to integrate feedback EARLY, otherwise it’s just announcement (sounds so).
Just have a look at the Play Store comments. Even the more than 3star comments complain about the same topics as we can read here.
And there is a lot of 1star feedback.

Thank you @cketti for the explanations, however do you realise what the actual message to the K9 users is? Y’all be damned. That is the message. Sincerely, not a nice message and certainly not a respectful one.

If K9 was made for you own personal use and if in it’s development user feedback is discarded, what was the point in posting it to Google Play in the first place?

Trying very hard not to post acid remarks because I deem it disrespectful.

I’m a developer myself (web) and not every time I am happy with what the user feels it’s better for him/her. Yeah, open-source projects too (as contrib). Doesn’t mean discarding them.

I saw in this same thread a mention about public funding from German tax funds… That is not a hobby for personal purposes anymore.

You know other people are using it. When coming up with such major changes, give people the choice. If it’s you, then you move your way and allow people to move in their preferred direction.
Hurting people is not the way to do it.



Hi. I was very surprised and also happy about the new update. So much so, that I wanted to come here just to say thanks.

But now I am furious about all the haters. Whats wrong with you? I understand that K9s UI did not change in a long time and that you got used to it. But this ancient UI detered a lot of users. I believe the target group for the only feature complete mail client on Android should not be some small group of people that can’t exit their habits.

If you don’t like the new update you also have a lot of options.
Use this forum to describe your old workflow and politely ask for suggestions on how to transfer it to thr new UI. Failing that: Since you were tech savy enough to find K9 in the past you can surely find the inevitable fork with old UI or make it yourself. Maybe an app isn’t what you are looking for anyways so why not install mutt in termux to avoid any exposure to this modern UI stuff?

Now people will say that modern looks don’t equal good UI. But the overhaul is not just that and I find it genuinely easier to understand and use. The sidebar is much better than the previous cascade of list views.

TLDR: I love the new design and am not amused by all the people complaining.


@nicohansi : I’m curious how many e-mail accounts do you use with K-9 ?


Has anyone mentioned that the swipe navigation to check all accounts for new mails (swipe in from left, tap on accounts, swipe down) is incompatible with Android’s gesture navigation in Android 10, 11 and 12?

When I swipe from the left, K-9 closes. Swiping from the sides of the screen is “back” and “close” in gesture navigation…


@cketti I guess that is the reason why many apps moved away from swipe hamburgers or set the corresponding flag to override Android’s gestures (e.g. Sygic).

I use three. One Protonmail, one work, one university.

Protonmail witk K9? I did not know that this works :astonished:

“Peeking” or “angled swipe” to open the nav drawer? Sorry, both are a mess, not reliable.

while I’m not the one who asked, from what I’ve been seeing so far, a lot of posters have more than 3 accounts - I myself have around 10.
3 should be simple to micromanage pretty much anywhere, so I’m not sure you’d fully understand the strain discussed so much here.


OK. With ten accounts I can Imagine that the bubbles don’t fit in the top and you run out of colors. But may I ask why you need access to all of them on your phone? Do you think there is a lot of people that have more than six accounts?

You can run the Protonmail Bridge CLI in termux. It’s by no means ideal, but for me it works better than their app.

I have 8 accounts on k9 mail.

My phone is my most portable device, and I don’t exactly spend a lot of time at a workstation.

(On an aesthetic aside, I really dislike icon-centric stuff like that to begin with - I just want a list - but until I can get something without them I’ve switched back to 5.6)

And I do think there are people, generally, given the uproar - but I can’t prove that without a survey (that I don’t have time to lead).

I have 6-8 at least (varies depending on current projects which are usually set up on separate domains).
However, the only issue I have is with the limited range of account colours. I never use anything other than the unified inbox to check mail while not at a computer, it is not a primary device, more an email viewer or emergency email responding device. With 5.8 I am struggling to see the difference between e.g. orange and yellow as a) the colour band has now shrunk and b) they are now almost identical at that size.

So I don’t think the issue is with the amount of accounts, it’s more to do with how users use the app.

@cketti I do love my gestures but I am happy to say I am glad the menu button is still here as my case gets in the way at times when trying to make edge gestures. So, nice to have the option. :sunglasses:

If you are a sysadmin on the move, yup. I have 8 on my normal phone and a dozen or more on another phone, and that doesn’t include all the accounts I don’t need to check often… the old UI made it a breeze to handle multiple accounts rapidly. The new UI does not.


There are… it is pretty normal, especially when handling business or support or else… i also have multiple currently - for multiple companies.

Therefore email accounts are specified for different topics normally, so you will not have all your projects in just one inbox. And you don´t want to see all emails for all topics at once… especially on weekends :wink:

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I use 10 accounts, with various degrees of priority over time. When I open K9 it is seldom that I need/want to check the same account I used in my last session.
Also one-handed ease-of-use is practically impossible with the new UI.

It’s not about personal liking or disliking.
It’s about throwing out an existing and very useful tool and replace it with a shiny new tool, harder to use and less useful. All for the sake of “changing it”.