New K9 Mail 5.8 has Corrupted 1 Account

I was hoping that the newest revision would fix the problem but it hasn’t.
When my K9 app auto updated to the new version 2 weeks ago - it hung on the first account. After 30 minutes I rebooted the phone and tried again. I have 5 accounts configured in my app. The rest of the accounts ported no problem but the first account has only 1 folder (inbox). Nothing else. Also when I am in the Inbox for that account, when I hit the 3 button menu - it shows me the menu options for the trash folder (which doesn’t exist for this account). Also it will let me compose and Send an email but actually nothing is sent (probably because there is no Outbox). I haven’t just deleted it and added it back because I don’t want to lise the contents of my Sent folder as it was before original update. My accounts are all config’d the same: manual polling, download headers only. Again all other accounts are fine, just the intial account was corrupted by the 5.8 update freezing. Suggestions that don’t involve losing the pre-update contents of that Sent folder (which I assume is still there even though I can’t see it).