"Error sending message. No Outbox folder configured."

I’m a long-time user of K-9 Mail.

After updating to the most recent version, any message that I tried to send using it just disappeared. It didn’t go into the Sent folder on the server. They’re not in Drafts. I didn’t get an error. They all just vanished.

I set up debug logging today, and this is the relevant error:

“09-10 17:18:54.751 21747 26374 E MessagingController: Error sending message. No Outbox folder configured.”

I don’t see a way to set up an Outbox folder anywhere in the K-9 UI. How do I do that?

More importantly, I’m speechless that K-9’s behaviour when it encounters any type of fatal error sending a message is to silently discard that message. I send myself notes all the time from my phone using K-9 Mail. As far as I can tell, literally all of them that I’ve sent for the last few weeks are gone for good. That’s unbelievable to me. Why isn’t the default at least for them to go into Drafts, and why is there no error in the UI?

have you tried settings then select accounts- account settings-folders and checking sent folder is set to sent not auto

All of the folders (including Sent) were set to explicitly match the setting name instead of being Automatic or None, but I went through all of them, set them to None, and then set them back to explicitly match the setting name (Archive => Archive, Drafts => Drafts, Sent => Sent, Spam => Spam, Trash => Trash) in case there was a problem with the displayed values not matching a setting behind the scenes. It still does the same thing.

I thought in the old version of K-9 there used to actually be an Outbox local folder on my phone, but I don’t see one now, and I don’t see the word “Outbox” used anywhere in the options for the current version. Obviously I don’t have the old version installed anymore, so I can’t verify.

I couldn’t keep going without the ability to send email from my phone, so I removed the account and re-added it. There is now an Outbox and sending mail works as expected.

This is still a really poor experience for users upgrading from previous versions, and I think these previous forum posts were regarding the same thing:

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