Need to downgrade please help

Please help me revert to the previous version.

Current version keeps downloading deleted emails.

Plus I lost all my stared emails.

Currently in hell, please help

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Is the account IMAP or POP3? How are the “deleted emails” being deleted (from the server) - e.g., mail client on a different device?

Upon upgrade, deleted emails appeared, dunno how.

Along with constant (maybe every minute), I receiveda failed to send some messages. Sorry I can’t quote verbatim.

After taking the advice to uninstall the app, downgrading to the previous version none of my email was available, I guess uninstall trashed everything.

Some apps let you keep the data etc. No luck.

Then uninstalling and going to the Google Play store and downloading the current version. Wouldn’t let me install, IMAP or pop3.

I received many authentication errors. Again I didn’t take screenshots so I can’t quote verbatim.

I see that there’s a more detailed discussion of your issues in Probably best to keep this in one location.

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