Constant failed to send some messages

Since the update I keep getting :

Failed to send some messages
IllegalStateException: No outbox_state entry for me

I emptied my sent, and draft folders.

I can’t keep dealing with the error.

OMG I need to downgrade asap.

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It sounds like something went wrong during the upgrade. Try deleting the messages in the Outbox folder. If that doesn’t work, uninstalling then reinstalling the app probably does the trick.

If I do that, won’t I lose all my emails ?

I can afford another error.

Uninstalling the app will remove all downloaded data. But if you’re using an IMAP or WebDAV account all messages should still be stored on the server. If you’re using POP3 the messages might still be on the server. It depends on your configuration.

Very risky solution.

I just need the previous version please

Direct downgrades are not possible because of a new database structure. To downgrade, you need to uninstall the new version and install the old version, leading to the same problem: you have to check if you are using POP3 to access the server (with POP3, there is a risk of local-only messages). You can also just log into the web interface of your email provider and check if everything is there.


Where can I safely download the previous version ?

If I’m gonna lose it all, I might as well have a working version.

Current version is fubar, at least for me, I need working email.

I HATE Gmail.

I appreciate all the help.

You can download the old version here: Release K-9 Mail v5.600 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

Make sure to backup all important messages by forwarding them somewhere safe. When setting up the old version again, consider using IMAP instead of POP3. It is a lot less trouble when switching clients or when using it with multiple clients.

Thank you, I appreciate all your help.

I signed in, but can’t download.

I don’t use GitHub

I dunno how to download

Found it in the assets

Me too, how do I download and install the previous version with all my setups intact or did the forced update write all over these?
I am not a programmer and am not familiar with GitHub

Thank you.


I lost everything uninstalling.

Previous version and New version won’t install.

A mountain of authentication errors.

My guy told me not to upgrade, wish I could start the day over.

Any suggestions ?

Authentication errors? After installing or before installing?

During account setup

Using gmail? What does the error message say?

No Comcast. I hate Gmail.

An authentication error. Different ones. I shoulda taken a screenshot. Sorry.

Been dealing with new K9 so for 11 hours.

Really frustrated

What email provider are you using where you are getting the authentication errors on account setup?

The new update kills your password for the outgoing server. It takes the password from the incoming server and set all letters to upper case, so you get an authentication error. Just copy the password of the incoming server (click on the eye symbol next to the dots to show the password) into the password field of the outgoing server, that should fix it.

Maybe the guy who programmed this should never touch this part of the program again…

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The update does no such thing. If that happened to you, it’s exceptionally weird. But given the number of users K-9 Mail has, unlikely code or data corruption events aren’t exactly rare.