Move buttons to the bottom

+1 to buttons where they have been for the past several years!
There’s no reason I can fathom to move them to the top


+1 buttons should be on the bottom


+1, deleting my morning bulk report emails has become a real pain with the delete button on the top of the screen.


completely agree!
move buttons to bottom!


+1 !
Sorry but placing buttons at the top is simply stupid.
How long are your fingers ?
Can you look through your fingers to see the message behind ?

Please revert this !!!

I’m using K9 since ~2004 , are you kidding me ?


While there are some useful changes, thanks developers, I too miss having the buttons at the bottom. Would it be so hard to provide that option for us older users.

Thanks, rosensfole

Please move the buttons to the bottom, or make it configurable to place them at the bottom. The top is really awkward for the buttons.

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It wasn’t broke, and you didn’t fix it. Now it’s broke and looks like you aren’t going to fix it?

I have loved K9 both as a Dr Who fan from childhood so i loved the play, but mainly because this is an amazing app.

However, I can’t find anything useful in this new ui… Now I’m required to long press and I can only delete at the top of the screen?

The old UI while old, worked well. I’ll downgrade if possible, but I suspect many people will switch to something else since now k9 be looks like everything else

It was not broken. It is now…
Came here looking to discover an option to move them back to the bottom. I had already searched the menus and nothing.
So searched for this forum , and found soo many not G2G with this change either.

Move the buttons back to the bottom.
Who ever was the lame brain that decided to move them to the top, seemingly doesn’t really use the program.

It was one hand control… now gotta shift the hold of the phone to access the menu for the folder…

I’ve used K9 for YEARS, thru many phones. IIRC this is the 2nd time the buttons ended up at the top.
But them back down to the bottom.

If your gonna make such a functional HMI change such as this, atleast put the option in the setup menu so we can select the OG layout, for those of us that developed muscle memory for manipulation.

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I don’t think there is any. It is a project that is imagined, designed and implemented according cketti (and the other fella).

They know better as coders. (Remember you are only a user and can’t possibly understand or know what you are taking about when it comes to designing a layout) .


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Is an option to have the toolbar at the bottom something you’re considering doing, or not at all?
Clearly there’s a preference for this, myself included, and many apps are going this way…
thanks. :+1:

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I also would like buttons on the bottom for single hand use.

+1 => buttons to the bottom (or bottom to the buttons?)

+1 => buttons to the bottom

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I agree, who are the ‘we’ that kept pushing all these changes? I’ve been dev for many OSS apps, but never have I seen such total disregard for usability and user demand as with these changes you dare call ‘improvements’ .
These updates are pure insanity, and have left all that made this app what it was to rot in a corner.
How you even dare call this a ‘redesign’ is beyond me. It’s clearly not, it’s trying to dumb coding for it down to what others have already done for you.
I will happily downgrade to the previous version.
Really sad it has come to this level of delusions of grandeur and sheer laziness.


I don’t like top buttons. I liked the compose icon on bottom. Didn’t have to do two extra steps to start new message.

Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

May be time switch apps for email

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Matthias wrote:

With mobile phone displays getting ever bigger, it’s annoying to reach the top of the display to skip messages, etc.

Fully agree. With today’s unreasonably gigantic phone displays, frequently needed buttons at the top are a no-go. One-handed usage of K-9 is impossible now, or even more phones will fall and shatter on the streets.

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I disagree, I prefer the buttons at the top of the screen with K-9 mail running on my tablet in landscape orientation. What I would like to point out is that there are different needs depending on the device usage, top or bottom should be either a configurable option (preferable) or an automatic decision based on the display configuration.


Well clearly you are in the minority with that. Who here has transparent strangely long fingers? I don’t.

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+1 Please this is a big usability problem with big screen phones…

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