Move buttons to the bottom

Hi all,
The beta design confused me a bit. I used the old version for nearly 5 years now.
Is there any way to move the buttons from the bottom of the message? Couldn’t find any setting changing this.
With mobile phone displays getting ever bigger, it’s annoying to reach the top of the display to skip messages, etc.
Moreover, the old ‘Start’-design was great. I mean having an overview of all the different mailboxes.
Would be great if you added that feature again.

Cheers and continue your great work on K-9!


There’s no option to move the action buttons to the bottom.

For moving between messages we would like to get rid of the buttons and allow swiping left/right to get to the previous/next message. It might be a while before we’ll get to that feature, though.

We don’t have plans to add an overview screen.

+1 for option to move buttons to the bottom. I have to be able to delete or move a mail with one hand after reading it. On my phone, the buttons at the top are not reachable with my thumb (I don’t see any reason for ANY app putting buttons at the top of the screen on a mobile phone, why do developers actually do that?).

I would love continue using K-9, because I really like it and have been using it for years. With the buttons at the top, however, it is not useable for me. :neutral_face:


I’m sure there are reasons, but I’d also like buttons at the bottom, for the same reason (have to shift hand or phone to reach with thumb).


Yes please te buttons to the bottom!

I did an update because of the flickering screen. Looks very good this version! Only fast deleting or marking emails is not possible anymore.

MeToo: the buttons on the top make deleting a mail very fingery, and I also miss the overview a lot…
Been a fan of K9 for a long time, but the Beta UI puts me off, reluctantly moved back to 5.6.

+1 for the option to move the action buttons down. Way easier for the one-handed phone use.

+1 for buttons in the bottom from here as well! Or at least the ability to choose freely between up and down!!!

Love the app and would love to continue using it!