Microsoft Outlook 2FA with K9

On 29MAY23, Microsoft is going to mandate OAUTH2 for checking e-mail on my account. I use POP3 by preference (yes, I know, I’m old), and I cannot figure out the setting that would enable OAUTH2 for a POP3 connection from K9. Can I get some explicit instrucitons on how to do it.

I thought this was covered here recently and the answer was no. Also “old” is not the word I would use to describe someone who insists on using POP3 where IMAP is more suitable.

Thunderbird cured me of IMAP by setting its default to delete messages on servers. All it takes is forgetting to clear that default once, and whoosh … years of stored email get wiped out overnight.

But no, I can’t find a conversation that explicily says it’s impossible to get K9 to work with Microsoft 2FA. That’s a shame … I really don’t want to install Outlook on my phone, and I can’t find a good alternative.

Microsoft does have an application password you can set up somewhere. Once enabled, it will give you a string of characters, and that’s the password. Find this probably in your profile, the security section. If you use this for K9’s password for this account, it should work and not need OAUTH.

This is not true anymore. Microsoft has removed application-specific passwords as an auth option. OAUTH is now the only option.

I can still create them and manage mine. I am using 2FA TOTP though if that matters.

Microsoft Account
Security in the top nav bar
Advanced Security
(scroll down)
App passwords

And a link to this doc page: Using app passwords with apps that don't support two-step verification - Microsoft Support

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Sorry, I should have been more specific: those options are no longer present in business (Azure / O365) accounts.

OP, what specific Microsoft service are you using? Is it personal or business? And do you have a public link to where that May 29 date is mentioned?

Might be something your admin disabled, either directly or indirectly with some global “make more secure” type of setting. Not sure. Some businesses may want confidential emails to stay within a walled garden and not escape to third party email apps like K9, Thunderbird, etc.

So, in summary, I’m screwed. No OAuth2 for K9, despite it being the “Thunderbird for Android”.

Zootboy: the announcement is at Microsoft veraltet die Standardauthentifizierung | Microsoft 365 von GoDaddy - GoDaddy Hilfe DE