K9 with outlook.microsoft365.com exchange server

GoDaddy on 5/23/23 migrated to Microsoft’s exchange server. I’ve been using K9 for years and had previously migrated to their outlook.microsoft365.com server (it supported POP and IMAP til now) and had used that for about 2 years. Now they require exchange server compatibility. How do I get K9 to work with that?

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You aren’t the first to be asking. Check the search functionality, it probably answers your question(s). If not, then ask.


I had checked before your reply and I checked again. There are no answers posted. What do you mean by “check, then ask?” I’m new - do I have to post this again for some reason now?

If you use the search link posted above you’ll find a lot of posts about GoDaddy, some with solutions - like here and here for example. I’m sure there are more, I only checked the first 3 results :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. But all the GoDaddy topics are unrelated. This is a new problem as of their 5/23/23 move to rhe exchange server.

If your account is not enabled for IMAP fallback (i.e., you are stuck with Exchange), you cannot use K-9.

K-9 is an open source programme and thus does not implement the proprietary Exchange protocol.

You should switch to another mail programme that support Exchange: Outlook, Nine, R2Mail2, Bluemail, …

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Thanks! I’ll check them out.

No it didnt for me. Exchange is not supported, hope they also support IMAP or you have no chance, currently. Thunderbird supports this useless protocol though, so this may come.

Legacy Exchange was dropped a while ago for some reason afaik

Bluemail sends Passwords to their own servers.

Outlook is spyware of course, but when using such a server that doesnt matter thaaat much. Still you may not want a Microsoft app sending your Location, other apps e.g. home.

So best is to just use Outlook in the web, maybe you can create a progressive Webapp, Firefox/Fennec/Mull support that. With ublock, noscript and a secure browser this will make you a lot more secure. Also the app wont spy on you in the background.

Careful with that false sense of security. PWA depend on browsers’ support of ServiceWorkers that run in the background. Theoretically, they can also run while the browser is closed (it is a well-documented attack vector for bitcoin miners).

Also be aware that a PWA is dependent on the browser from which it has been installed. If the browser cache is emptied, the PWA is affected. If the browser is deinstalled, the PWA is also gone. Wrt privacy browsers, they regularily empty the cache and stop long running scripts, especially ServiceWorkers. Thus, the PWA might end up being very sluggish at best and unusable at worst.


Yes I totally agree that my Arkenfox profile would not be suitable for a “Firefox PWA browser”. The fact that the Chromium Browsers, and now also Safari, support PWAs can mean, that they are not possible to tweak as private as Firefox.

Edit: lol this reply sat in my draft forever.

No, thats why I also think “firefox needs PWAs” is a not thought through statement. You would need two profiles, one hardened and one hardened with the exact exceptions of webapp functionality.