OAuth2 setting for POP3 and outlook.office365.com

Godaddy email has moved to outlook.office365. com. After months of a single mention about deprecating Simple Auth, they cutover to OAuth2 without notice (approximately 5/18/23 7PM ET). Of course this broke any POP3/IMAP configs including K-9 Mail, without anything other than a generic “Login/Password Failed” message.

Godaddy support was worthless - but I found a hint here on K-9 mail forum. (Which also helped with Thunderbird).

Don’t know how to file a Feature Request/Bug report for K-9 mail. If an email address has the outlook.office365. com domain, the ability to configure OAuth2 without creating a new account would be helpful.

FYI: Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online | Microsoft Learn

Gaaah. Spoke too soon. I really need K-9 to have POP3 and OAUTH2, (Thunderbird has it).
To manage the way I use email.
Retrieve to Phone POP3 (no delete) to keep a copy,.
On computer retrieve email into Thunderbird and delete from pop3 server. (Have a copy of email locally, that is then backed up). Also frees up server.

(Yes I’m old school)

You can use the same workflow with IMAP. Just set up a message filter in Thunderbird that automatically moves your mail from the server’s inbox to a local folder.