K9 v5.6 cannot find the file explorer to select the download path

Hello, I’m using android 10, which ave a native file explorer. If I want to change the path to download the attachments , K9 says that there is no file explorer.
I have only the possibility to specify the hard coded path like /storage/emulated/0/Download but no syntax seems to work to designate the external SD card.
Thanks to fix it !
kind regards.

K-9 Mail 5.600 only supports a couple of file managers. OI File Manager is one of them. But I believe on recent Android versions you won’t be able to save attachments on the external SD card this way.

Try the current beta version. It uses Android’s “new” mechanism to select a storage location when saving attachments. You don’t have to use any third-party file managers with it and it should work fine with your SD card.

See How do I become a beta tester?

Hello, I subscribed to the beta program, and I find the new beta version quite nice :slight_smile:

However the option to choose the folder to save attachments have disappeared from the global parameters. Where can I set it ?

This is no longer an option. You’ll always be asked to select a storage location when saving an attachment.

In fact I found out that the choice of the application storage location in Android parameters sets the download location to the chosen card (internal or external). This is good. I could test it with embedded images, it’s OK.

However, for a pdf attachment I ahave the option to open it with several softwares, but no option to simply download it. Did I miss something ? May be this could be fixed ?


Tap the floppy icon to save an attachment. Tap anywhere else on the attachment box to open the attachment for viewing.

That was my guess, and i tried it without success. Just to check, after your comment I retry and it works. Thanks.
However I cannot reproduce the case where it does not work (no luck). I’ll post it here if I find it again.

Thank you for your kind support.

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