K9 Notification sounds and quiet time

Greetings! The Play Store just offered 5.800 and I upgraded last night.

Unfortunately it isn’t respecting quiet time for notifications so it made the default notification sound all night

Also (and more important to me) it’s not respecting the different notification sounds for each email account I’ve used for years, and I cannot find the setting to restore the individual sounds.

I’m on a Galaxy A71 5G running Android 11

You can change the sounds per account by opening the account settings » Notifications » Open system notification settings. Then press one of the channels belonging to one of the accounts and change the sound there.

Thank you for the pointer… I’m not in a good situation to follow the directions at the moment.

Is there a place that documents all the changes in the new UI? I was just trying to mark the email message from GitHub for this topic as “unread” and I cannot find that option, either!

(Today wasn’t a good day for a major UI update and unfortunately it’s on me! I should have waited a few hours.)

Long-press the message and click the “closed email” icon in the top bar. For me it’s the second icon after the trashcan.

I don’t know any. The app changed significantly, so I’m not sure what exactly would need to be explained and what not. Also, it would need someone to write the texts. So I guess using the search function in the forum to look for questions by other users would be the place for such documentation.

The system notification screen should look something like this:

When clicking the “messages” notification channel, there is another screen that has an “advanced” section on the bottom. There you can change the sound.

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Thank you for the detailed assistance! I apologize for opening the topic when I was in the middle of a meeting and couldn’t follow through with the instructions. I can attend to it now.

I’m not seeing any “Advanced” section. But I found it.

Notification Settings → (list of notifications by category, with 3 toggles under each)

Account Name,
Messages (touch the word to the left of the toggle) → Sound

I completely missed that the words to the left of the “Messages” and “Miscellaneous” toggles each opens another menu. There’s no distinction from the Show Notifications toggle above them.

(I’m running Android 11 on a Samsung, there may be a few UI differences from stock.)

If my description is confusing, maybe I should create a Demo account and grab a few screenshots.

EDIT: I understand now that’s what you’re trying to show with the red arrow. It’s a menu button that’s not decorated as a button.

EDIT 2: That’s the meaning of the tiny vertical bar to the left of the toggle! So there IS a visual affordance that I completely didn’t see.

Thanks again for the help.


I was able to get the notification sounds changed, with help from here! Thanks!

Quiet Time is still not working as expected. Are others not seeing that?

It is just not possible to change the notification sound for every account! If set the sound for account 1 to sound A and then set account 2 to sound B, and then return to settings of account 1 there is also sound B set.

@MarioC You can select the account on the system notification settings screen. You don’t need to return to K-9 to set the sound for different accounts. Just scroll down the system notifications screen after launching it from within K-9.

Sorry, no. The sound / notification settings screen is exactly one display size big and has nothing to scroll down. The setting also is labeled “K9” and not "K9 "

Thanks for the fast response,but after so many years time to look for a new mail app.bye

@MarioC it may depend on the version (and flavor) Android you’re running. On my Samsung Android 11 the screen does scroll.

I’ll also note that you can get to the notifications screen at least two different ways, and maybe (?) it looks different on your device. I also found at least one “dead end” that seems right but DOESN’T get me to the sound options, so maybe you went down that blind path like I did.

Here’s one way that worked for me just now:

From within K-9

  1. Hamburger menu → Settings

  2. [account name]
    (touch any account name in the list)

  3. Notifications

  4. Notification Settings
    Open system notification settings

  5. [account name]
    (under the account name you want to edit, touch the word “Messages,” NOT the toggle switch)

  6. Sound
    (Brings up a list of available sounds, which will look completely different in different releases and flavors of Android)

EDIT: I removed that accidental blind path in my directions! My apologies if you followed it.

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I replied to someone else about the same thing and even took a screenshot too, maybe have a look there.

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Any idea if it does work with Android 7.1.1? No chance to change to “open system notification settings”. There is still no menu and suggested ringtones shown are in no detectable folder on phone.
Thanks for help & coop!

This post needs to be made sticky - the steps are not at all intuitive. I managed to stumble on the screen where I could actually change the sound/vibration settings a few days ago but could not figure out what the magic incantation was.

I upgraded K-9 to 5.800 on two Galaxy Tab S2 tablets. Not only did it remember the sound/vibration settings, but the settings were directly available by clicking on the account and then Notifications.

@nh905g That screenshot you posted resembles a settings screen from the previous stable version of K-9. (Released years ago.) It includes options no longer available in the new version, such as vibration patterns.

I don’t see a way to get to that screen from the new version, so I wonder if you’ve “side loaded” K-9 or otherwise have parts of the older version on your tablet?

Alternatively maybe the old settings are still in the app but not generally accessible except under specific circumstances?

@twt2 I see the same settings on two Tab S2 tablets, both upgraded to 5.800 via Google Play. The Tab S2 is running Android 7 which may be relevant. I much prefer the old Notifications interface.

Quiet time isn’t working for me on Android 8.

The notification sound now has a stutter.

Both issues have been reported as bugs.