K9 Email disabled tusker plugin. IS there a workaround?

I tried Aquamail, but it’s not reliable for me as K9 email.

Any suggestions? I used K9 for Years only for the tasker plugin. Worked like a charm. Didn’t even open K9 apps for Months.

Mill there be by any chance a new plugin? Or what else can I do?

If you enter the word “tasker” into the search function of this forum, you can find reasons and workarounds. I did that for you, here is the first search result: Tasker K9 email received event no longer working

Thanks. As far I see there are two workarounds. 1: use Aquamail. For some reason the app falls aslepp after a while and after rebooting. Battery optimization are disabled for this app
Under notification Priority is set on High
All push settings activated.

2: I guess he speaks about Autonotification. That should actually work with K-9 have to figure out and refresh my regex. Knowledge. Would be be nice if Ican keep my tasks as they are. Maybe only need to change %variable. Or even better variable search and replace