Tasker K9 email received event no longer working

Just upgraded to 5.800 and Tasker is no longer handling K9 email received events.
Is this due to the removal of the remote control interface?

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The functionality was removed because K-9 Mail was broadcasting a lot of (potentially private) information to all apps that cared to listen.

If there’s significant demand I’m happy to add a new interface for third-party apps. This time with proper access control.

To better understand what this interface should look like, may I ask what your use case is?

Tasker allows triggering tasks on receipt of an email, with filtering available on From: To: and Subject:.
I use it for messages from my home automation system to read out phone numbers, or play sounds when the doorbell or burglar alarm is triggered.
I can probably work around it by triggering tasker on the new mail notification from K9.


I have exactly the same use case in my smarthome/automation integration, e.g. a movement sensor is signaling that the cat want’s in). This loose, oldschool mail integration → works like a charm with IMAP instant push.

Great hint @andyharvey :+1: - that works nearly identically without using the “K9 mail received event” - all relevant mail data seems availible: sender, receiver, header and also body

@cketti: The notification does not show the text, but as far as i can see also the mail text is fully included in the notification data. Good idea: instead of publishing/broadcast the event “mail received” to possible unwanted apps without control (every app could hook on it); Now every App must be granted in Android to read other Apps notifcations. No code change required from my use cases.

Teslaunread for Nova Launcher also does not show the number of unread messages anymore. I guess this is related to removing the interface.

Maybe, I don’t know how they get the unread count. But it’s still possible to use the MessageProvider interface to get the number of unread messages.

They don’t get the unread count anymore. TeslaUnread ist not supported anymore. Badges in Nova Launcher are only notification based now.

That means: Number of notifications are counted. If notifications are removed, the badge will be set to 0. Regardless of unread or read.

Bad behavior. It would be better to keep the count until the app is opened.

If you want this, give feedback to the devs of Nova Launcher.


My use case is to play a different sound based on the email received (Specifically, I regex the subject, to and from).

Ideally, I would have loved to have this in K9 itself, matched using regex. In fact, before 5.800, I totally disabled audio notifications in K9 and relied solely on Tasker.

I was upgraded to 5.800 by Play yesterday and immediately noticed this missing feature as I’m quite reliant on it.

Hope to have it back soon! Thank you!

More or less the same problem here.
I was using tasker to alert me to high priority emails based off of a variety of things. (eg a client email in the middle of the night will play an alarm clock to wake me, same thing during the day just adds an extra chime)

I’m downgrading for now, but I really hope this gets restored so I don’t need to look for a new email app.

AquaMail has a Tasker Plugin. However, Tasker can use notifications of every app as a trigger and is able to deal with title and text.

Maybe that helps?

That is not correct. TeslaUnread is still supported by Nova and works very will. It is not in the play store anymore because it uses too many permissions. But you can sideload it and it works very well.

Will k9 (old version) I have folders with notifications and folders without. But even for the folders without notfication Nova/Teslaunread shows the number of unread messages. I can see if I need to start k9 at all even for unimportant folders.

Then you are still on Nova 6. Nova 7 is coming (beta versions since decembre 2020).

TeslaUnread is not supported anymore. Unfortunately.

Tasker integration was the main reason K-9 Mail was irreplaceable for me for the past 8 years or so.

K-9 already maintains a connection to my local IMAP server 24/7 anyway, so piggybacking on IMAP (and catching the subject/sender of messages from notify@ in Tasker) provided custom push notifications without depending on any third-party server, or even on an Internet connetion if I’m at home on wifi. And it’s essentially free with regard to battery usage. I use this for my home automation system, security system, server monitoring, and countless other things.

It’s incredibly disappointing to have a feature you’ve relied upon for the better part of a decade suddenly removed in a new release. I’ve donated before and if sponsored work is an option, I would drop a couple hundred more to sponsor a feature flag to turn this back on.

AquaMail provides a Tasker Plugin. l’m fine with it. Maybe it helps for you. (But it’s a one-time-purchase for Pro version)

Screenshots (german system language):

Hi. I downgraded K-9 mail but still tasker won’t trigger the tasks. I tried 2 versions below v8.5 and went back to June. What do I miss? Is there something else I have to downgrade?

To which version did you downgrade and does it work again? I’m struggling. Downgrading K-9 app below 8.5 didn’t help.

That would be interesting. I can’t find a workaround. Installing older version of K-9 from apkmirror didn’t solve the issue.

Same with me: the Tasker integration was a key part of managing my email. When an email arrived, Tasker would tell me that X had sent me an email with subject Y. Why pick up my phone and tap the screen a number of times when it can tell me what’s happening? I have something similar with text messages, which does till work. I’ve donated as well, and would be happy to help support getting this feature back.