K9 beta - view NOT unified inbox

there’s one thing I ever liked from k9, to possibility to view SEPARATE emails account on the first screen, like this.

I hate the unified email home, or viewing account per account new emails. I love to have a quick look on what mail have new messages.

I tried the beta version and you can oly choos to view one account at a time, or the unified message view. like google mail. There is a chance/mode to have the “per account” view on startup?

I second the request…hope you can do this in the next Beta Release.
K9 has been my goto for years!

I’ll third the request for the original screen as in ver5.6. I’ve been using K-9 ever since I got my first smart phone. This is one of the best features and now you appear to have removed it.

Also am I the only person who dislikes the new pink icon background?

news about it? chance to restore individual inboxes?