K9 beta - view NOT unified inbox

there’s one thing I ever liked from k9, to possibility to view SEPARATE emails account on the first screen, like this.

I hate the unified email home, or viewing account per account new emails. I love to have a quick look on what mail have new messages.

I tried the beta version and you can oly choos to view one account at a time, or the unified message view. like google mail. There is a chance/mode to have the “per account” view on startup?


I second the request…hope you can do this in the next Beta Release.
K9 has been my goto for years!


I’ll third the request for the original screen as in ver5.6. I’ve been using K-9 ever since I got my first smart phone. This is one of the best features and now you appear to have removed it.

Also am I the only person who dislikes the new pink icon background?


news about it? chance to restore individual inboxes?

Mid July, and I joined just to try to figure how to fix this as well. I was running the the google version of the K9 (love it, used it for MANY years now) updated and wow… not diggin that issue haha.

I have a few spam accounts that are on K9 I generally ignore… And I SURE don’t want that all included in a unified box with what I basically need to see. And now I’m seeing the spam accounts mixed in, which is why they are separate accounts. Trying to love it, not happening.

Nonetheless, i love k9, and have dearly appreciated it and all the hard work that goes into it over the years…


You can configure whether or not a folder’s contents should be included in the Unified Inbox under Manage folders > [Folder] > Unify.

JDW probably wants a NON-UNIFIED inbox, simply. That’s just because, like me, the less used emails are still on eye but you don’t need to open them everytyme.

There’s a chance that the non-unified inbox will come back?
I still have the old app version and I don’t want to upgrade to unified: this will make the app way to similar to google and others, and that was the reason I switched to k9 many years ago…


@Omar_Moretti: It sounded to me like what you want is an account overview screen. In my opinion, calling it a “non-unified Inbox” only leads to confusion. It’s not an Inbox because it doesn’t show a list of messages. It’s not “non-unified” because that implies the list belongs to only one account.

Note: Even when using the Unified Inbox the individual Inbox folders are still available. The Unified Inbox can also be disabled under Settings > General settings > Display > Show Unified Inbox.

I have no plans to bring an account overview screen back. The closest you can get is the account selection screen in the drawer (open the drawer, tap the downward pointing triangle in the colored header section).

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Thank you anyway. :wink:
I’ll stick with the older app version, till it work then I’ll try to find an alternative :slight_smile:

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I’d like to thank you for all the work that has been done on K-9. As a volunteer developer, you can certainly do as you wish with your app. I’ve used K-9 for many years and have always appreciated what a terrific tool it has been. But the account overview screen is a key feature for me as a way to manage multiple accounts conveniently. The new UI is more attractive than the old one, but it’s not as functional for me. I’ll continue to use K-9 for a while; perhaps with more familiarity I will like the new interface better. Otherwise, I’ll have to try going back to version 5.6 or perhaps another email client.

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@cketti would you consider making the unified inbox optionally work per-account? My biggest problem with the new version is the separation of work and personal; the way the unified Inbox work, my work emails appear mixed in with personal.

I’d love to be able to have an unread list per account like I did in the old version.


You can choose for each individual folder if it should be displayed in the unified inbox. Open the side bar, press “manage folders” and uncheck “include in unified inbox” for the folders you don’t want to see.

That’s not what I am asking for.

I have two accounts… I want two unified Inboxes. One per account.

I have 10+ folders per account.

Nonsense. Unified = all accounts together.

Thanks for being respectful of my use case.

One account is work, one is personal. I don’t want the messages intermingled, but I’d like to see a summary of unread for an account.

In this case, install a widget of K9. When installing, you have the choice of the account that this widget will open. And it is possible to install more than one widget. Moreover, if K9 is installed in the internal memory, there exists a widget with the number of unread messages.

Nevertheless it is realy a pitty, that the very helpfull overview on the startscreen is not available anymore. I used K9 for a long time especialy due to PGP integration.
Now it became realy “hard work” to get a fast overwiew.
I use 8 accounts and in the current UI it is realy not userfriendly.

I hope we get it back as good as it was.

This is what I found where cketti is announcing it officially - at least the way I read it.

I hope so…and remain tuned!

EDIT: Fixed. Sorry for asking before reading around more carefully, I found the answer I was looking for later. Move along, nothing to see here, folks :smiley:

Hi, quick question regarding this: since the update, this doesn’t seem to be working for me. It was one of the major perks of K9 for me, having that unified inbox where it was all at the same screen, yet easy to distinguish which emails were from which account.

Now it doesn’t work.

I have a gmail account and a IMAP account and when I click on the “Unified inbox” I only see mails from one of them, never from both of them at the same time.

Settings > General settings > Display > Show Unified Inbox is obviously on.

Any other ideas what might be causing this? Thanks :slight_smile: