Accounts On Opening Screen?

First off, I’m DELIGHTED to see K9 is still alive! I have been using the last play store version from about 5 years ago, and JUST discovered you guys are still out there!

Is there a way to enable the old-school view? What I mean is, instead of having the accounts separate on the top left, is there a way to have all the accounts collapsed on the main screen rather than the folders? It was a lot quicker to navigate accounts. In other words, when I first launch the app, I want to see all the accounts top to bottom like in the old version. Not sure if it’s possible.

Anyway I’m DELIGHTED to see new versions! Thank you all!


I assume you want the old account overview screen from v5.600 to be added to the latest version (5.740)?

The account overview screen being this one

This screen does not exist in the new versions (it is replaced by switching accounts in the navigation drawer) and Cketti has stated on another ticket that there are no plans to implement that.

Now available:
“How to ruin a perfect app”
By K9 team


Same issue.
Had main screen showing all my email accounts.
This was much easier to navigate.
Hate the “unified” layout.


Can I select old style startup screen in options? I Cant find it.



Same Here.

after the latest update, my favorite view disappeart.
I loved it to see an overview of all my accounts in the starting screen.

That view was the last point to prefer k9 to fairmail.

How can I get that view back?

If it is not possible I will change to fairmail.

Why do people make good things bad?




i want the account overview back as much more people wishes to come back. The unified mailbox is not a solution for me.

btw: i downgrade to 5.600 back until the account overview come back in 5.800


Yes. I meant the old style where the accounts are all collapsed and listed on the same screen. Though, I have gotten used to the new layout. The app is still brilliant.

I apologize if my description was confusing.