K-9 opening wrong thing when I try to print

I have a Moto Z4, Android 10, had to reset phone a week or 2 ago to clean & fix things. When I now try to print to my network printer (with Epson Smart Panel or Epson Iprint), instead of opening the item I’m trying to print they both open a Facebook webpage with error saying content not found!?!
All other Apps seem to work fine and as expected.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am not sure how you initiate the printing. K9 does not support printing itself. As far as I know you only can share a mail, then select the printing app which takes over the printing. But I know that this is not working for all users, e.g for me - there are also other threads on printing

Thanks, yeah left some info out.
I select Share choose the Epson app & that is when it happens.
I have tried several other apps, including Gmail and all the others open the print option correctly, with the right data for printing.
Only K-9 goes to that FB page!?!
Will keep working with it.
Even uninstalled everything to do with FB.
Just realizing, it could be the browser…

The share functionality only shares some data with another app. What the receiving app does with the data is totally out of the hands of the sending app. So you’d have to ask Epson why sharing data from K-9 Mail opens a FB page.