K-9 Mail Outlook365 settings

For the folks who currently have Outlook365 working in K-9 Mail. What are the settings that you used to get it working? I have tried using the app password technique but it keeps stating that it “cannot continue” after I enter email/app password with the default settings. Thanks!!

Hey, I guess you would to install addon to outlook which helps to overrun this problem and will help with some other problems.
Its name is mailcow - (you will probably need a LDAP version if you are in working environment)
Please search at git

Latest Version seems to Break imap Connect to office365.
Before Last Update office365 imap was working fine.

The FAQ about How to add Outlook365 may also fix this, but it says that you need at least version 6.201 and the Play Store still has only 6.200 for me. :disappointed_relieved:

K-9 Mail 6.201 is currently only available to beta testers on Google Play (see How do I become a beta tester?)

You can also download the APK here: Release K-9 Mail v6.201 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

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I installed 6.201 from the APK and it solved my connection problems with the current GoDaddy.com Office365 IMAP server. I deem that worth a donation. :smile:

Previously, I was limited to POP3 connection to that server and whenever K9-mail fetched new items it marked them as “read” despite several efforts to locate a setting to prevent that.