K-9 5.800 List of email accounts after startup

I always thought only Microsoft can destroy UI and workflows by establishing new designs and workflow patterns… proved me wrong, k9 devs.

Not having a working back button is more or less the deal breaker for me with iOS devices. Now k9 with this new UI makes the back button useless and as so many complaint let’s me click around my display so much more for getting the same.

I now have always an icon badge on the k9 symbol,even if there is no new mail at all…

Also no longer different notification sounds for every account (the tip mentioned here by a k9 dev does not work: if you set a sound with the android system dialogue for every account you always change it for all other accounts too).

I am an UI designer/dev myself, btw

And why are people writing here in German? I am from Austria and have accepted that the Internet is English!


I’m using K9 for a very long time now and was always statisfied. Yesterday I received the new update and noticed the overview screen seemed to be history. I’m managing different mail accounts and the overview screen was perfect in that regard. Now it feels unorganized and simply confusing. Why did you change it? This and other posts here clearly show that people liked the way K9 was and don’t understand the change…


Is there a limitation to the new app, since there is impossible to re-add the account list to the home screen of the app?

They made some changes and also reprogrammed the Interface.
If you have more than one email-account you will not be able to see them all on start screen, you´ll have to go to menu and choose there.
This thread is about that new unwanted “feature”, we all miss that overview screen :slight_smile:


It seems like the new UI is for people with no more than 3 accounts added to their K9 app (account switching by pressing the icons on the top right, not the drag down menu). Is there any way of optimizing this?


Unfortunately not as far as I know. I have 12 accounts…
I reinstalled V5.6 for this reason.
Just an option to choose the layout to the “old look” would be great!


I there a guide how to downgrade the app?

I will try to use the 5.8 for a couple of days, but it seems like there is a lot of “improvements” that are quite limiting to my workflow, sadly.

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I posted it some threads above, that worked for me



Thank you Alex!

Maybe a stupid question; But is it possible to “side-load” (or what the correct term is) the 5.6 version of the app, and then be able to auto-update other apps in the Google Play Store?

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As far as I know, you will then have to update the other apps manually, as the “update all” button literally updates all apps…but pls consider, I´m just user, not pro or dev!

La mise à jour est une horreur.
Pourquoi n’y a-t-il plus moyen d’avoir un visu sur l’ensemble des comptes?
Quel dommage. On se croirait dans Gmail.


I can only agree with the previous writerrs:
K9 was the best e-mail client so far, but with the new update and the lack of an overview page, it has become any app that offers no added value and with which I can no longer manage my various accounts clearly.
I will therefore (unfortunately) delete the K9 app.


Hi, if you are using Titanium Backup (requires root), there is an Option to keep a program installed but remove it from Google Play update.

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Do you have a link please?
To check the mails on my important folders apparently now I need to click and even scroll several times.
So I have to use old version forever? :frowning:

I use history length 1 and tonight my last good version already was overwritten by the new one - and have only a quite old other backup. What a pity that no grace period was allowed before discarding the classic advanced layout in favor of the new Gmail style one. Now need to waste time to find an old apk in the net.

Please bring back the account overview screen. I have used K-9 for as long as I can remember and that feature was key for me. I have 6 email accounts and at a glance I could see which had emails, how many and which had starred emails. The new interface is cumbersome for someone that has many email accounts.
Please, bring back the account overview screen.


I got the 5.6 package from f-droid, it uses a different signature so google will never auto update it.


I agree with everyone comment.

Bring back the account overview screen.


Precisely. Other mail apps work this way. The entire reason I stated using K9 mail instead of the mail app that comes with phone, or Gmail app, etc is because of the ability to easily see more than one account on startup and how many emails in each and go back and forth without switching screens. Bring this back please!!

Also the option for “boxes” next to messages to click many messages at once to delete without having to long hold!!


Unfortunately, I cannot other than following this statement