K-9 5.800 List of email accounts after startup

I mean, you can select a default startup folder, which is okay-ish for me personally as I use that folder for 90% of my mail. That said, I am not a fan of the decision to get rid of the accounts overview and totally understand why people who use several mailboxes don’t like it either. I don’t see why there can’t at least be a toggle switch labeled “Use old account overview by default” or something.


Sorry, you are not understanding. Yes I’ve used the unified inbox for years. I need to see the number of unread on my 4 accounts all together on one page. It takes 12 key presses to do this under this new version.


so mache ich es. dann muss ich bestimmt alle email konten neu installieren, aber hilft ja nichts. hast du einen link, wo ich mir die alte apk downloaden kann?


…und man kann die ganzen Einstellungen vorher exportieren um bei einer kompletten Neuinstallation die Globalen Settings und Kontoeinstellungen auf einen Schwung wieder zu importieren.

Exporting in the new version and importing in the old one made it crash for me, lost all settings…

This has nothing to do with being stubborn. The old version also had a unified inbox and this overview is simply the most efficient way to use multiple accounts with tons of messages (also, one click to view all starred and all unread). For me also the distinguishing feature of K9.


That’s really irritating… If we have to reset everything from scratch we may as well move elsewhere.
It’s really not good practice to push this update out to users unannounced at least allowing us to backup our settings in case we don’t like the new one


same to me. i want the account overview back.
K9 Mail is my main mail app since a couple of years and i loved the account overview with all unread messages and marked one. Please give back this feature.
gladly also as a selection which view one would like to have


Having used K9 for ever, I fully support all “the negative” comments regarding this so called update. The startup screen showing all email accounts at a glance with new and starred emails clearly listed was what made k9 different to all the other mail clients.
Congratulations because what you have now created is a virtual clone of the Gmail app. I have just wasted 3 hours of my life trying to downgrade my wife’s k9 back to ver 5.6. I’m still having issues with some of her many Gmail accounts and I’m not impressed. Also moving navigation buttons to the top of the screen is bad for users of large screen phones which is just about everyone now days.


Why is it that developers never listen to the users that utilize the product? I’ve never understood that idiosyncrasy…

I totally agree this is the most functional start to this email program, and the only one that should be utilized…


People who like the one inbox layout use Gmail and not K9
With this change you will lose your users.
Why you do that? I can’t understand. Making a special app to look and work like all other apps.


The this email app will be the same as GMail. And the app then no longer has a unique selling point.


I woke up this morning just to notice that my favorite e-mail app has been borked and I made this account just to voice my opinion. Just like many others have stated, the account overview screen was not only extremely useful for people with many accounts, it was the single reason I chose K9 over other mail clients years ago. With this screen gone, I might as well just switch to Gmail. Mind you, I took the extra steps of going to the play store and installing K9 on all of my devices because I disliked the way Gmail does it.
Instead of just ranting, I would very much like to hear the rationale behind this decision.


Agreed with other users. Please bring this option back.
Otherwise I like the new UI.


It seems that many K-9 users are not happy with the new version (myself included). For those of us who are not sure how to do it, could you please give instructions on how to safely downgrade to a more familiar version?


Well, then I am searching for an other email package. After so many years of good usability it wil be exit k9mail.


Hi, i can remember that many years ago a company did something similar. “Our operating system is for the professional user and not for playing games.” The operating system was much better then the alternatives. Some will remember - it was OS/2 but Windows made race.


The new design doesn´t work for me, too.
I have 12 accounts due to my work which fit nicely on the screen on the old version.
I can understand that they make changes, to make something new.
The reason many use(d) K9 is: it is because K9 is NOT like all the other email apps.
Why can´t some switch be implemented for “look like V5.6”?

Solution that works for me, as long as there is no change:
===> I had an old backup of the K9 settings (10/2020) on my SD. BTW Thats something I didnt find in 5.8 either???
At first I unchecked the checkbox for “auto update” in playstore.
Then I loaded K9 V.5.6 (ask google for old versions of K9, Versions later 5.6 have that update afaik)
Last was to boldly deinstall V5.8, then install V.5.6.
Afterwards I just loaded the old settings from my backup.
Of course you have to set the passwords again, but for now, its working fine again.

Please consider: if you press “Update all” in playstore, it will install the new 5.8 version again. You have to do app-updates manually as long as there is no solution!!!

Hope that helps and there will soon be the “update for the update” to fix this.

Greetings from Munich


@Nimueh The problem is you just see your point if view. Your argument may be valid for your use cases. If you have multiple accounts that receive a large number of emails, that system then no longer works so well.
What is the problem to provide the overview screen optional for the people, who cope better with it?
Obviously there are a lot of them.
And your answer is more childish then the postings of the users that are affected by this problem in their daily workflow.