K-9 5.800 List of email accounts after startup

I’m an also shocked german speaking user. I hope my description is easy to understand.

I’m using K9 for years. Most “enhancements” were „ok“ to „good“… some things were tricky, or complicated using the app.

but now,… please tell me a better product,. I dislike the “together inbox” … I’m using 9 accounts, getting several hundreds emails a day… I need a good overview and posibility to set emails read… the new idea of the shortcut for 3 accounts. This doesn‘t work for me.

I don‘t use push emails. I used the cycle under the account view to fetch emails, or fetched each account for itself. Now I have to open the big „together inbox“ and swipe down to fetch the emails „quickly“… fetching each account is too complicated now. You need to make too many steps, if working with accounts

On my S10e the buttons for stepping last / next message will be a little bit to small. You have to concentrate to hit them


I have been using K9 for well over a decade because it was simple and easy to use with multiple accounts. Since the update I find myself resentful and wishing I had saved the old version. I know you call this progress, but can you please bring back the account overview. Thank you,



wenn Sie was finde. Bitte Bescheid geben. Ich leide unter Unübersichtliochkeit. Ich nutze 9 Accounts auf denen mehrere Hundert eMails am Tag kommen (können)… Das wird schnell unübersdichtlich. Diese gemeinsame Inbox nutze ich jetzt zum Abholen (kein push)…

Ich hoffe, da gibt es ein besseres Tool… oder ich muss ein Downgrade machen :frowning:

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Good Afternoon…

I have always found it interesting that developers takes the attitude that you have taken here…

Basically as I interrupt it, user input really means nothing at all here… Every developer begs for feedback continuity clamming that it’s the basis for future development. Then as we have seen here hundred’s of end users have asked to have a feature that was loved by the community restored after it has been removed. Not an implementation of a new feature, the return of something that’s been included for years…

Ok, I understand that you may ask why the interest in this aspect of the program means as much to users as it does. I as well believe that has been answered withing the forums extensively.

In short USER COMFORT, most users enjoy the fact that glancing at numerous email accounts with a concise synoptic total of new messages in one place is a desirable feature that virtually every user of this specific program has asked for, and wants.

This reminds me of the vast number of times consumers find alternative options when a provider ignores the over abundance of comments asking for a return of a feature… What happens is they eventually find an alternative, and the original provider is left wondering why all their goodwill and support has dwindled to a fraction of what once was… Please listen to your supporters, and followers and return this feature… I for one would not like to see a wonderful App like this see its demise…



I’ve been a K9 user for years.
I manage 30 email accounts with it. (ISP)

Please bring back these features:

  1. Account Overview
  2. Update all button
  3. Buttons at the bottom

Account Overview is the most important, as
it allows at a glance to see whether a certain mailbox (out of a list of 30!) has new mail.

This saves time versus checking multiple areas or wading through a unified mailbox.

This was a major productivity feature.


Hello cketti, currently i have only 5 mail accounts, in the past there had been a few more. There are 2 private mail accounts 2 spam accounts and 1 or more business accounts (some companies prefered the use of their own mail systems). I like to start with the account overview so i can see how much mails are there and then i start with the email - work or private.
I never used the unified inbox - i do not like the mixing of mails from different accounts. I also like the layout of Thunderbird. I do not like the standard mac mail. The programs should support the way i like to work and that is starting at the account level and then going down to the boxes. Based on this, opening the app and then being in one of the inboxes is the wrong way - for me.
Years ago I checked different apps and i found k9. An alternative to k9 could be Fairmail.
Maybe this helps a little - kind regards Peter


This reply seems rather arrogant–user desires aren’t important? You may add me to the list of disappointed users. I’ve used K-9 for many years, but losing the screen that showed the account summary is a major loss for me as I use different accounts for different purposes and a unified Inbox just makes such use ineffective. I also don’t like the app closing unexpectedly when I hit (back) one time too many. I’ll stay with K-9 for a month or so to see if my tastes change (unlikely) or the developers bring back the screen that shows the list of all accounts. Otherwise I’ll just have to say goodby to my erstwhile friend, K-9.


I have business accounts and personal accounts and the unified mail box is a nightmare because the accounts are now mixed.

Multiple key presses are now required to do what was the default - a PIA!

Now it looks we have a developer whose response seems to be “Stop your whining I know whats best for you.” That is sad and arrogant at the same time.

I have used K9 for a long time and an saddened at this turn of events.



There are many email apps with a fancier UI than K9. But K9 was fast. I could jump between multiple accounts and back rapidly, and that’s why I kept using it.

This new design requires several more steps to check mail in each account. Or looks nice and modern, but seriously slows one down.


I am usually no fan of GUI changes either, but am just as usually getting used to it.

But in this particular case it is not only a GUI change, but also a step back.

I have three accounts

  • a personal one
  • a company account
  • and a free mail account.

The first one is spam free and contains all the important stuff. The company account is something I don’t want to check on weekends (or vacation) and the freemail account contains enough spam so I don’t want it to pollute my general inbox. Hence the unified inbox is no option.

Having to toggle through my accounts with many clicks is definitely a step back. I could always use the back button to return to my overview.

Since you, the developers, seem to be very reluctant to bring it back, you might consider some features to mitigate the problem. For instance how about implementing an easily accessible button to cycle through the inboxes?

Another issue is the colouring. I love the idea of having different colours for the various accounts. Unfortunately it seems to be missing exactly where there is no other hint… in the actual folder view (e.g. when displaying the inbox). How about introducing a coloured style element just as in the message view? Or at least colourize the mailbox folder name?

I don’t believe in threats like “I’ll never come back” etc, as it is kind of pointless to me. But I think a developer should always consider why people choose the particular application. To me K9 always had the functionality I needed and was “easily” accessible.

Reverting to an old version is of course possible, but I doubt it is a good idea considering the pace security problems show-up nowadays.

Hoping for further improvements,


Just adding my voice to this. K9 was a brilliant email program. Please bring back an option to start with the account overview screen.

Anyone remember them “improving” Coca-Cola?


Wie oben geschrieben: Fairmail bietet eine Übersichtsseite mit allen E-Mailkonten an.

mache ich. ist aber gar nicht so einfach, und ich will auf keinen fall eine mail app von samsung oder microsoft zum beispiel, denn datenschutz und vertrauen spielen ja auch noch eine rolle, und der ist bei den beiden total ausverkauft.
aber wenn ich mir die vielen schlechten bewertungen zur neuen K9 mail app im google play store anschaue, dann habe ich hoffnung, dass die entwickler bei K9 das selber erkennen und bald wieder die kontenübersicht zur verfügung stellen.
alternative wäre noch ein downgrade auf die alte version, aber dann bin ich ja nicht geschützt durch die updates, weil ich genau die funktion dann deaktivieren müsste. #seufz

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i am still weighing up, because if i downgrade to the old version, then i am not protected by the updates, as i have to deactivate that function. #sigh
i think i’d rather look for an alternative in peace. but that’s not so easy, because i definitely don’t want a mail app from samsung or microsoft, for example, because data protection and trust also play a role, and that’s sold out with both of them.
maybe it helps to wait, because when I look at the many bad reviews of the new K9 mail app in google play store, then I have hope that the developers at K9 recognize this themselves and soon make the account overview available again :hugs: :pray:

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habe fairmail grad mit 2 konten ausprobiert und ist erstmal keine alternative für mich. scheint so, als würde es auf den gleichen ursprungstrukturen aufbauen, siehe screenshot.

bin aber mit dem test noch nicht durch, muss das aber erstmal unterbrechen. hab eh erstmal nur die kostenlose fairmail-version ausprobiert. es gibt noch eine kostenpflichtige pro-version für einmalig 6,99€, was ich absolut ok finde, aber leider gibt es keine testversion dazu. vielleicht probier ich das trotzdem, denn die pro-version bietet sehr viele zusatzfunktionen. leider kann ich nicht sehen, ob eine kontenübersicht dabei ist, wie ich sie mir wünsche :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
hey k9: WANTED! Kontenübersicht

Hi it can be set up to start like below and then click to get the folder list.

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Tap on the link above and give cketti the REASONS to why the removed feature is important to you.

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Why can’t I use an app or a program, how do I want it?
Why can’t I set a view the way I want?
Because the developer / programmer programs it in what he thinks is best for the user.
And the user is not asked for his opinion or it is ignored. Pity! We all know that from standard software and operating systems. If a surface has established itself after a few years, it must definitely be “improved”. Not that the user gets too used to it. I have nothing against meaningful improvements or an optical adjustment / change. But I think a complete and mostly nonsensical relaunch is unnecessary. And because the programmer has come up with something great, when do all users have to find it great and change their entire workflow. Why? Why can’t I, as a user, set the view that I want to use ??? I can even adjust the view of Windows, although a standard view is always “pressed on my eye” first.
So far, K9 has been the ideal email app for me.
Since my bank uses pgp encryption, the email app must also be able to do this. And the selection quickly becomes very small.
So I’ve been using Squeaky Mail for a few years. This app is very similar to K9, but there were problems with newer pgp versions. And Squeaky Mail does not support S / MIME (e.g. mails from DHL). Hence my switch to K9, as a quick alternative lot.
For many years I was VERY satisfied with it until yesterday. After the update, not only has the previous start screen disappeared, but operation has also become more complicated. As apparently very many here in the forum, have several mail accounts. Currently six pop3 accounts in K9 and no more overview since yesterday. With updates, the functions should be expanded and the operation simplified. Unfortunately the opposite is true. The overview is lost and operation is no longer intuitive. SHE is even more cumbersome in that I have to click a lot more and to achieve what only a few clicks were necessary before the update. Therefore I can only join the many users, and bit:

Please bring back:

The account overview screen

The Update all button

The Buttons at the bottom


We know how to do that. Why all the extra work for no good reason?!

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