Issue with android k9 mail about pdf file

Hi to all, I have k9 mail on pc and Android, on pc I have an email with four files attached, one file is a pdf and I see it, on Android with same email I don’t see pdf file attached but only .xml and .eml file.It’ a P.E.C. email ( certified email).


You have K9 on PC? This is an Android app only…

About .eml attachments: I assume that the mail is a “forwarded as attachment” mail which itself contains the PDF attachment. Other eMail programs like Thunderbird are able to directly show content of attached mails, also their attachments.

K9 lacks this functionality and shows a .eml file instead. This .eml file can be displayed with other apps but not with K9

Hi, sorry on PC I have Thunderbird,on k9 mail Android I see .eml file and open it with EML reader, but the content of eml message isn’t the same of pdf file wich I read on Thunderbird of PC.

Ok, what are the other 3 attachments? Is there also the .xml file you see on Android K9?

I assume the the mail (you speak about PEC mail - I read about it but I have no practical experience with it) embeds / has attached the other mail with PDF.
K9 cannot handle attached mails other than showing it as .eml file.

What eml reader are you using? I would expect that it should show you an attached PDF file.

I tried it with EML Reader free - worked as expected.

I use EML reader paid, with same email in Thunderbird there are 4 files attached daticert.xml,postacert.eml, pdf file and signature.xml on k9 email pdf file is missed.

Ok… so in the attachment section of eml reader you do not see the PDF file?

Yes I don’t see, in .eml file of k9 I see the mail text wich I send as to .eml file on Thunderbird but pdf file there isn’t.