Inbox folder just keeps growing

Me too. Same use case.

Yeah, don’t listen to the users. Just tell them they don’t really want what they are telling you they want. Surefire recipe for a successful app. Why have a forum when nobody listens?


hi all

unfortunately even K-9 Mail app v.6.000 has the same bug: local folders keep growing without considering the “local folder size”. Scenario: POP3 account, local folder size=1000, don’t delete messages on server (on POP server all deleting stuff is done from other desktop mail client); the result is that mobile local folder keeps growing, at the moment I have more than 5000 messages.

As stated before, in previous old stable versions up to 5.600 , same settings, the local folder size worked as expected, since upgrade to 5.8xx local folder size started to grow.

I’m not an android developer but I took a look to the source code, but where is the function which removes old messages from local store to keep the total messages below the “local folder size” value?