Inbox folder just keeps growing

I have folder size set to 100 but there are currently 1435 messages when I do select-all, and there’s a noticeable delay when I launch K9 while inbox is loaded. I also can’t find the old commands to clear local messages (without deleting), which I used to do if I’d loaded more and more and more, to get to an older one for example.

While I’m asking, is there any way to mark a read message as unread?


The way I clear a mailbox of messages greater than my default size is to change the “local folder size” to some other value, refresh the folder, then change the folder size value back to what I want and refresh the folder again. That approach works in both 5.6 and the 5.7 beta releases.

Thank you. I tried changing to 250 but don’t see how to refresh the folder. I did do a check for new mail, but the folder still has >1400 emails.

After changing the value go back to the inbox and do a refresh by pulling down the message list display. Then, go back and set the value (back to) the smaller amount, then again return to the inbox and refresh it, again.

Thanks, that’s what I thought you meant. I did that (changed 100 to 250, checked mail, changed 250 to 100, checked mail, still 1566 when I select-all). Not sure what else to try. [added: this is a POP3 account, not sure if yours is]

Ah, I wouldn’t expect this to work with a POP3 account, and suspect that this option is an artifact of the IMAP focus of this app.

With POP, the base design assumption is that messages are pulled to the client and (often by default) then deleted from the server. Allowing for easy clearing of the client’s message cache could result in non-recoverable message loss. One client instance that doesn’t delete messages from the server can’t assume that the user doesn’t have another client instance that does deletes, so message cache clearing needs to be something that the user controls (carefully) based on their knowledge of their client settings.