In which folder are my mails?

Hi to all,

after a long reading period… I don´t get the right answer :frowning:
In which folder are my mails?
Android/data/com.fsck.k9/files is EMPTY :flushed:
no SD card installed, all files and folders are visible
Please help.

Greetings from Munich

K-9 Mail stores data in its app directory. This location is not user-accessible.

Hi Christian,

Thank you for this very clear answer “from the source”. - And for all your amazing work on K9 so far.
Congratulations on the agreement found with Thunderbird as well. I have been supporting the Mozilla Foundation for a long while already and now I have to feel a little less bad for not supporting K9 directly. :-))

I’m sure you know, but not being able to export (in any way, not even by copying folders, as seems to have been possible some years back) our mails is an absolute killer for many users who, like me now, suddenly stumble into the situation of having to export and move. (If I had known this limitation before, I would never have used K9 or at least could have taken other precautions.) - I am pretty devastated right now and don’t know what to do.

Is there a reason why you have obviously knowingly blocked the previously existing way even for half-way knowing users to copy files/folders to move their mails?
Or is there still a way, but it is so well hidden that only you could give a helping pointer?

Greetings from a very sad fellow Berliner,

Thilo: Use IMAP instead of POP3. Emails are then accessible from other clients without copying any files.


K-9 Mail has never supported exporting messages. It was never a priority to add a message export feature because it is expected that messages are stored and managed on the server and only a copy is downloaded to the mobile device.
A long time ago someone thought it might be a good idea to allow the user to keep the downloaded copy of a message when the original was removed from the server. In hindsight that was a bad idea. It makes it possible to end up with messages that are only stored in K-9 Mail’s database. However, the app was never designed to manage messages locally, including being able to export such messages.