How to upgrade from 5.600 to 5.7xx without losing mails?

Hi there,

I have an issue that I can’t seem to resolve on my own.

I am currently running K9 v5.600 and I would like to update to the more recent 5.7xx versions. My K9 was installed through Fdroid and when I try to update to 5.7xx I am hit with the error that the signature has changed and that I first need to uninstall K9 5.600. This is quite troublesome to me as I can’t find a way or any info on how to make sure my emails aren’t deleted on uninstallation. I very much would like to keep my current database of emails. I tried searching the net on where the database is located but the suggested path of /android/data/com.fsck.k9/ doesn’t seem to exist and I read other posts saying “yeah you will need root because K9 stores it’s database elsewhere”. I do not have root on my Mi A2 Lite, and while it would be easy to unlock the bootloader with ADB, it would require me to wipe my phone which really isn’t an option at the moment.

So my question is how do I migrate my database? Do I even have to? Does K9 delete the database upon uninstallation?

I’d be very glad if anyone knowledgable with K9 could help me solve this.

Thank you!

There’s no supported way to export the database and then import it again.

However, updating K-9 Mail from 5.600 to 5.7xx should work fine. You just have to make sure it’s from the same source. APKs from F-Droid are signed by F-Droid. So they can only be updated using APKs built by F-Droid. If that doesn’t work you might not have installed 5.600 from F-Droid. In that case try installing the update from Google Play or install the APK from GitHub. If that doesn’t work either you probably installed K-9 Mail from another source and are on your own.

Thank you for the quick reply. You are correct. I’ve checked and it seems that my instance of K9 was installed through Google Play Store. I could swear that I’ve received K9 updates through Fdroid before but that was most likely on a different phone and I probably am just misremembering this. So that’s that solved.

My guess is, that there are no beta versions on the Play Store and at least for the moment I am stuck at 5.600 which is no big deal.

However I am having problems with push notifications, or to be more precise any notifications by K9. It only seems to update when I manually refresh. I also read in a blog post that push doesn’t work for 5.7xx so there really is no need to update.

There are beta versions on the play store. Have a look at the following topic for details:

While push notifications no longer work in 5.7xx, checking emails periodically should work.

Thanks for the additional info @ByteHamster.

I bought a Poco X3 NFC now and I might have to migrate my data soon. Is there a way to access the email database / file location, if my old phone’s rooted? It currently not rooted but I am most likely able to pull of the rooting.

I’m not sure if rooting will help - I have never tried transferring the database. It’s definitely not officially supported. Also, you usually need to reset your phone to root it.

Do you use POP3 or IMAP for accessing your emails (you can find that in K9’s server settings)?