How to safely downgrade without losing the settings?

I made the terrible mistake of updating when I saw the support for Oauth had been implemented.

After being aware of the real changes beneath, I want to get back the accounts overview screen and the message fetch in a minute, the kind of things why I used K9. So, I want to downgrade to my beloved version 5.6 (correct me if I am wrong and it is not the one that included those features). I got it from f-droid, but when installing, it fails for an “unknown error”.

I know it would only a matter of uninstalling the cool new one and installing the old, ugly yet ideal one, but I fear losing my settings and having to reset it all. Is there a way of preserving my config while installing an outdated version?

I don’t want to change my email client, because k9 was all I needed, but I think it’s about time of thinking of an alternative. Were it the case that a fork resembling the traditional k9 existed, I would be glad to know it.

Thanks for your help.

you will find export and import settings options under “settings”. i’m rashly assuming that settings exported from 6.x are backward compatible with 5.x, but i don’t think i’ve seen people who have retro’d say otherwise.

That is the key. I assume there must have been others in the same case and they could share their experience. According to what I read I guess it might interest a few people.

This is described on this HowTo in FAQ section:

Thanks. Good to know that it is safe.