How to Empty trash!

Hi. I currently have over 16k of emails in trash folder! How can i successfully delete them?? Select all + delete does not work, probably because there are too many to handle in one pass. How can i select 1/2 or 1/4 of them and retry the delete? Is there a max # to successfully delete from trash? My sd card is filling up needlessly.
Should be a better way than deleting and reinstalling the app…

Trash Folder - 3-dot menu - Empty Trash (in the current Beta anyway).

Thanks, but current release i click on folders, then 3 dot menu, then empty trash. No luck.i am willing to try beta . No idea how to get beta release.

Thx again.
Any thoughts re whether or not delete trash will work in beta? And if problems in beta, do i simply install released version again?
Thanks for your quick replys!

I’ve never had that many emails in Trash so no idea, but with a dozen or so emptying worked fine in the Beta.

And yes - simply backup your settings, uninstall Beta and install Stable, then import your settings. It should be fine. But while the Beta looks different it will be the next Stable eventually, so just get used to it and stick with it :relaxed:

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Will do, and will advise re outcome!