How to downgrade to the "good" version (before this silly UI update)?

@jult Agree that it was a big change, a revert option would have been good (but seems to be in the works), stretching to the top is difficult in one-handed use, account overview is great for multi-account, mixed-priority inboxes, etc. Can further see that due to Google/Play Store rules, the old code base couldn’t even be uploaded with a ‘Coming soon, what do you think?’ (whether or not that would actually have been implemented) and conversely agree that most of us don’t have the time to monitor forums, beta areas, etc for all our various apps… and the sort of person using K-9 probably uses a lot more than email, browser, Facebook, Instagram. :wink: (Or is everyone on TikTok now?!)

Anyway, the past is the past, what’s been said (positive and negative, from both ‘sides’) has been said but the basic principle for me is that I’m willing to wait – with the current inconveniences – to see what they come up with for the various highlighted concerns.

Also, anyone doing the whole ‘zOMG!!!1! I’m going to fork it’ would possibly take longer to catch up than the current team would to figure out the possibilities. Heh.

There’s time down the line for all sorts of other options, but cketti et al seem the best chance at the moment.

Can’t seem to find 5.6 on F-droid anymore. Earliest is 5.739 now

You can find 5.6 on Aptoide. Another solution is to use Open Mail, a fork of k9, which is on Google Play.

I have already downloaded v5.600 from F-Droid (and using it)- I have saved it here: 4.59 MB file on MEGA

(I guarantee it is as was supplied by F-Droid. But, of course, if you have doubts then dont use - no one is forcing you to).

Install Open Mail and be done with it. I did and it’s like an old friend is back. Life is too short for all this nonsense that is the new K-9.

Why is 5.6 no longer available on F-Droid?

Probably becouse new one is out. Is it common for F-Droid to keep older versions too? No idea.

You can download the 5.6 version from the APK mirror site. Go to Google Play, install the APK mirror app and then follow the instructions to find all K-9 (and every other app) versions back to the year dot.

The downgrade instructions contain links to the official K-9 Mail 5.600 APK:

It is, but you need to enable the F-Droid Archive repo in F-Droid settings


Who was the system analyst on this?

where can I get version 5.6?

@bobjm: try to search this forum. Easy to find answer to your question.

@bobjm See comment 25 (by me) above.

How to downgrade to the "good" version (before this silly UI update)? - #25 by jimimaseye

Case closed. Found the ver 5.6 .zip file on my phone. Settings set and I’m now a happy camper :wink:

Sadly I woke up to the new K9 version even though my play store is set to only update manually, so I do not know what happened here.

Does anyone know how this downgrade procedure will affect my email database? Uninstalling sounds like it would remove ALL MY EMAILS. I am not willing to lose all my emails. I still do not understand why the email DB can not be exported or at least be found through a file explorer (with root).

In the case of IMAP, your emails will not be lost as they are on the server.

Well maybe I should have mentioned that I am not using IMAP but still POP3. I just never made the switch.

With POP3, it depends on your settings. One possible setting is that your mails are maintained on the server when you read them. But the standard protocol is that they are suppressed.