GrapheneOS, k9 syncing disabled

I have k9 installed on GrapheneOS.

I have around 8 mail accounts. Fetch is configured to get mail every 1 minute

no battery optimisations settings have been turned on.

BUt when I open k9, it shows sync disabled.

I look everywhere on the net but can’t find something that apply to me.

Any guess ? tks !!!

Phone Pixel 3a

Hi. Try using the beta version. See: How do I become a beta tester?

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tks I just installed it
For now it doesn’t change anything but I’ll make more tests and make sure everything is setup properly.

Can I go back to older version ? Without reconfiguring all my accounts ( 10) LOL

I am having now problem receiving email in some mailboxes and I do not see all the message I should see in the Unified Messaging inbox… :frowning:

Tks for trying to help…

I am at version 5.716

long story short :

  • I have several eMail accounts
  • they do not all show in unified
  • I also can’t send email out with the 5.716 version.

If I can help you with some logs, let me know

K-9 Mail doesn’t support downgrading. You could try exporting settings, uninstalling the app, installing the old version, then importing settings.

You can report bugs here:
The issue template contains a link to instructions on how to include a debug log.

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I am trying heard to have k9 (on GraphenOS ) to notify me on new emAil.
I love k9 but notification of new email is critical to me.

  • Global setting Background sync is set to always.
  • I am fetching (Poll folder frequency) email every minute
  • I disable battery saver
  • there is some setting about Idle verification I set it to 1 minute REFRESH IDLE CONNECTON
  • I also set the battery optimisation to OFF

Still, if my phone is locked, I don’t get new notifications…

Someone told me if a software uses GCM/FCM it won’t be able to send notifications on GOS (GrapheneOs).

DO you have any suggestions of settings I could use ?

tks !!!

These settings are very aggressive and not something I’d recommend to use in practice. But it should be fine for a test.

K-9 Mail is not using GCM/FCM. If it’s not working with GrapheneOS you’re on your own. We’re not going to investigate why things are not working with a particular custom ROM.
You could enable debug logging and check if there’s anything interesting that could explain the behavior. See

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I find this to be interesting as I also use K-9 mail with Graphene and I get my notifications just fine. As well as syncing. I only use two accounts but I get them on my lock-screen and notification shade.

Keep in mind that apps AUTOMATICALLY are optimized in Graphene. You have to MANUALLY make K-9 NOT optimized for battery in settings. IF you are using Tracker Control to block trackers, open app up and look for K-9. Click on it and uncheck Essential. This will allow syncing to happen.

The rest is as follows
K9 email go under each individual email profile go to account settings, go to fetching email tab.
Go to Folder poll frequency enable polling every minute for email syncing.
Go under individual email account settings, then to reading email.
Check, allow images
Under each individual email profile go to global settings, then go to privacy tab.
Hide subject in notifications – when device is locked
Hide email client
Hide hostname
Hide special accounts in main app settings
Go to app permissions and deny sensor access
(this allows notification sound when phone is face down)