GrapheneOS, k9 syncing disabled

I have k9 installed on GrapheneOS.

I have around 8 mail accounts. Fetch is configured to get mail every 1 minute

no battery optimisations settings have been turned on.

BUt when I open k9, it shows sync disabled.

I look everywhere on the net but can’t find something that apply to me.

Any guess ? tks !!!

Phone Pixel 3a

Hi. Try using the beta version. See: How do I become a beta tester?

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tks I just installed it
For now it doesn’t change anything but I’ll make more tests and make sure everything is setup properly.

Can I go back to older version ? Without reconfiguring all my accounts ( 10) LOL

I am having now problem receiving email in some mailboxes and I do not see all the message I should see in the Unified Messaging inbox… :frowning:

Tks for trying to help…

I am at version 5.716

long story short :

  • I have several eMail accounts
  • they do not all show in unified
  • I also can’t send email out with the 5.716 version.

If I can help you with some logs, let me know

K-9 Mail doesn’t support downgrading. You could try exporting settings, uninstalling the app, installing the old version, then importing settings.

You can report bugs here:
The issue template contains a link to instructions on how to include a debug log.

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I am trying heard to have k9 (on GraphenOS ) to notify me on new emAil.
I love k9 but notification of new email is critical to me.

  • Global setting Background sync is set to always.
  • I am fetching (Poll folder frequency) email every minute
  • I disable battery saver
  • there is some setting about Idle verification I set it to 1 minute REFRESH IDLE CONNECTON
  • I also set the battery optimisation to OFF

Still, if my phone is locked, I don’t get new notifications…

Someone told me if a software uses GCM/FCM it won’t be able to send notifications on GOS (GrapheneOs).

DO you have any suggestions of settings I could use ?

tks !!!

These settings are very aggressive and not something I’d recommend to use in practice. But it should be fine for a test.

K-9 Mail is not using GCM/FCM. If it’s not working with GrapheneOS you’re on your own. We’re not going to investigate why things are not working with a particular custom ROM.
You could enable debug logging and check if there’s anything interesting that could explain the behavior. See

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