Google Family Link

Bought a cheap smartphone for my son. We use Google’s Family Link to manage his devices. Installed K-9 for him but it won’t accept the password, and doesn’t offer the get approval option that other apps do, so cannot setup his Gmail account.

Also, since, I have found that the K-9 on my phone now does not synchronise. Other Gmail and Hotmail accounts still work.

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I guess you need to create an app-specific password for K9 in the Google security settings. As far as I have I understood the development focus of K9 currently invokes getting rid of that need.


See How to set up with a Gmail account for more detailed instructions on how to set up an app-specific password.

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Thank you.

I followed this, but it gets stuck straight away:
" Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings.
If you have 2FA enabled for your Google account, visit .
Click on “App Passwords” and generate a new password.
This is the password you will use for IMAP, instead of your Gmail password."

There is no “App Passwords”.

There is for me :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, the problem is in family link. You cannot set up an app password for your kids.

Sadly, this means you need to wait for K-9 6.200. It will allow Google sign in with you supervisor account and then you can let you kid sign in.


Thank you tchara
I suspected that was the issue but needed to check first before deleting the app. Shame though.

Take care