Enable vibration, disable sound

Hi, is it possible to set notification on account level like this:

  • no sound necessary
  • vibration should be ebabled

Email notification is not so important for me to get a sound notification. But I would like to get vibrations so I can react when I am near the phone.

I am using S7 and there it seems that vibration can only be set if sound is enabled, too.

Any one else with same need / issue?

Depends on your Android version. From what you described, I think that you will need a silence file. Just Google for it. Basically, it is an audio file without sound; about a second long. Set that to the account’s notification sound.

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Yes - right! Android 8 on S7 even has a selector for a “silence” sound. I will give it a try!

I always searched with wrong assumptions. :joy:

This works - thanks a lot!

It was working for me in K9 5.6 and I thought the update changed it. But it was me :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I only need a solution for

and then all notification issues should be gone for me. But this might be something which I have to wait for in K9 6.0…