Duplicate notifications being generated for some messages

K-9 Mail version 5.801 from Play Store.
Some incoming email messages (I haven’t figured out a pattern) are generating duplicate notifications that cause problems. I am using the Voice Notifier app to read notifications aloud, and some are silent. The Voice Notifier notification log shows “Identical message within 10 seconds”, which causes problems.
I can see that these notifications from K-9 mail have the same time stamp down to the second and the same notification text.

This will likely be fixed in version 5.802, which is already starting to roll out.

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Thanks. I’ll try it.

I believe I’m having the same issue. It carried over into 5.802

I believe I’m having the same issue in 5.807 from playstore

This new update on notification function don’t solve the problem (play store installation)

If you’re using Gmail, make sure you don’t sync the “All mail” folder, or if you do, don’t generate notifications for messages in that folder. From K-9 Mail’s point of view messages in the “All mail” folder are different from messages in other folders, e.g. the Inbox. Similarly, messages with multiple labels on Gmail are considered separate messages in different folders by K-9 Mail.