Display name appears as Identity description

In accounts that make use of K-9 Mail’s Manage identities feature, I have recently noticed that messages addressed to the Initial identity show the contents of the Identity description field rather than that of the Your name field. I don’t know if nothing was displayed previously, or exactly what changed. I was simply curious as to why someone sending email to me had chosen to refer to me as "Initial identity*. I remedied it in one of my accounts by making the Identity description contents match those that I had set in the Your name field.

I am not sure if this is the expected behavior, but it is not consistent with my expectations. If it is indeed unintentional, I am willing to file an issue on Github if it would be helpful. If it is the expected behavior, I will adjust my expectations (and possibly some settings) accordingly

Inside K-9 or in other apps? Inside K-9, showing the identity name is now the expected behavior.

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Inside K-9.

I didn’t realize this is now the expected behavior. It is inconsistent with my expectation. Other MUAs typically show a Display Name as the recipient.

I appreciate the confirmation and will adjust my expectation and replace Initial identity with a more suitable value.

I mean, it’s more flexible. You can set the (outgoing) display name of all identities to your actual name, and still identify the identities by their name. If it used the display name, receivers of your mail would see it, so you couldn’t name it as freely

I understand the purpose of multiple identity profiles. I have been using them for over two decades. :wink:

It was just unexpected to see messages in my inbox sudfenly referring to me as “Initial identity” instead of either an email address or a display name. My first thought was that the sender was having some issue.

Knowing now that it was caused by deliberate change is helpful and will allow me to make suitable adjustments.