Display customization

Not happy about the latest release.

  1. Is there a way to go back to the previous release and operate on that?
  2. If not, is there a way to see one one screen a list of all email accounts (not all emails from all accounts) and the number of unread emails in each account, as we used to be able to do?
  3. Can we have the delete button for an individual email at the bottom, as it was, rather than at the top?
    Thank you.

See How to downgrade to an earlier version?

I went back to 5.741, then 5.734, and neither resolved the issues that I described in my post, even though the issues started a week ago, and these releases say they’re from a month ago.

Which release will get me back to the functionality I described in my post please?

Thank you.

5.600 was the last version with the old interface.


I downloaded 5.600, set it up, then it was overwritten by an automatic update. Grrrr…

How do I prevent automatic updates for K-9 without preventing automatic updates for all other apps?

I presume I have to go through the download/install/setup all over again, yes? Or is there a way to avoid that?

The topic linked above explains how to disable auto-update. Alternatively, you can download the apk from F-Droid. Then Google Play will not be able to update, even if you accidentally pressed the update button there. That’s also explained in the thread.

I agree. I just saw this new “interface” and do not like it.
Like you I liked having my different email accounts all listed for me.
The way it is now is more tedious for checking emails. I have to tap here, tap there and tap again just to get the account I want to show.
Very unproductive. Once I go to the account I want I get the “inbox” but no “send/receive” button or delete button.
Why do developers always feel the need to change something that worked fine and was easy to use.

PLEASE restore the previous functionality. If not then it may be time to find a new app that is more user friendly.

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