Copies of sent mail

I just started using K9 and find it does not save copies of my sent emails in the sent folder. How can change that?

K-9 Mail uploads messages to the designated Sent folder by default. You can configure which folder that is under Settings > [Account] > Folders > Sent folder. It’s also possible to disable uploading (because e.g. your mail provider already saves a copy of the message automatically) under Settings > [Account] > Sending mail > Upload sent messages.

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I would like to turn keeping a copy of sent mail OFF, as I have a BCC-to-self set up, but I don’t see an “Upload sent messages” option under Settings > Account > Sending mail.

This option is only available on IMAP accounts. For POP3 accounts there’s currently no way to prevent sent messages being saved to the local Sent folder

Thanks for the reply. But that’s disappointing. So I have to go in and delete them manually every few weeks for multiple accounts to keep them from filling up my phone? How 1990s.

Thank you so much! I found out that I the sent folder was not specified in the Account Settings. This should be checked during Account creation.