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You are asking for donations but are not responding at all to the widespread user requests to bring back the unified inbox. When will that happen?

The unified inbox never went away. Do you mean the account overview screen?

Yes, the account overview screen that so many users here have been asking to have returned, for over a year

So what’s the answer @cketti - when will account overview screen return?

I took your question to our weekly Thunderbird on Android/K-9 Mail design meeting today. The answer to the question “when will the old account overview screen return” is: possibly never.

We do want to add some of the things the account overview screen enabled, e.g. faster switching between accounts. But those features will most likely come in a different form.
For now we are working on other features, though. You can have a look at the roadmap here: Android Roadmap - Thunderbird

If you really can’t live without an account overview screen, you should probably switch to a different email app. FairEmail is also an open source email app with a focus on privacy. It can be configured to start with a list of accounts.

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